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Belgian Chewing Gum Cy / Holdens Ful o Mint Gum - Footballers (1951-52)

Belgian Chewing Gum Cy / Holdens Ful o Mint Gum
192 cards

As you can see I don't know much about this collection, if you can help fill in any gaps please get in touch.
UPDATE (18-05-2018 12:31:):  Wila75 has provided a few names for the checklist and is able to confirm 1951-52 as the season when the cards were issued.

2.  Van Den Eynde (Royal Beerschot A.C.)
3.  Marcel Aernauots (Royal Berchem Sport)
5.  Pieter Van De Vin (Royal Berchem Sport)
6.  Oscar De Groote (Royal Berchem Sport)
7.  Gustaaf Van Noten (Royal Berchem Sport)
8.  Gustaaf Faes (Royal Berchem Sport)
9.  Marcel Dries (Royal Berchem Sport)
10.  Albert De Hert (Royal Berchem Sport)
13.  Gaston Van Lancker (Racing Club Brussel)
16.  Robert Van Kerkhoven (Royal Daring Club)
17.  Theo Martens (Royal Daring Club)
20.  Gustaaf Van Den Bergh (Royal Daring Club)
21.  Louis Bastin (Royal Daring Club)
46.  Frans Van Den Eynde (Royal Beerschot A.C.)
47.  Martin Schroyens (Royal Beerschot A.C.)
48.  Franz Vergauwen (Royal Beerschot A.C.)
49.  Charles Fierens (Royal Beerschot A.C.)
53.  Henri Coppens (Royal Beerschot A.C.)
55.  Richard Van Gassen (Royal Beerschot A.C.)
80.  Henri Thellin (Royal Standard C.L.)
81.  Fernand Blaise (Royal Standard C.L.)
86.  Peeters (Royal Standard C.L.)
88.  Guy Thys (Royal Standard C.L.)
89.  Armand Seghers (La Gantoise)
90.  Maurice Berloo (La Gantoise)  -  added 18-05-2018  -  thanks to Wila75
92.  Charly Bovie (La Gantoise)
93.  Etienne Chaves (La Gantoise)
94.  Etienne Delmulle (La Gantoise)
96.  Jozef Vandercruissen (La Gantoise)
97.  Freddy Chaves (La Gantoise)  -  added 18-05-2018  -  thanks to Wila75
99.  Richard Orlans (La Gantoise)  -  added 18-05-2018  -  thanks to Wila75
106.  Victor Lembrechts (Royal F.C. Mechelen)
112.  Henri Cannaerts (Club Luik)
113.  Saeren (Club Luik)
115.  Louis Carré (Club Luik)  -  added 18-05-2018  -  thanks to Wila75
120.  Pol Anoul (Club Luik)  -  added 18-05-2018  -  thanks to Wila75
122.  Lechien (Olympic Charleroi)
123.  Drobecq (Olympic Charleroi)
125.  Pierre Devillers (Olympic Charleroi)
126.  Pierre Lombard (Olympic Charleroi)
129.  Omer Pierange (Olympic Charleroi)
131.  Léon Gillaux (Olympic Charleroi)
133.  Genus (Racing Club Brussel)
134.  Froment (Racing Club Brussel)
135.  André Marcelis (Racing Club Brussel)
136.  Edmund Fauconnier (Racing Club Brussel)
138.  Claude Vreux (Racing Club Brussel)
141.  Sebastiaan Jacquemijns (Racing Club Brussel)
142.  René De Zutter (Racing Club Brussel)
143.  Denis Dewin (Racing Club Brussel)
165.  Alois Mangelschots (Royal F.C. Mechelen)
181.  De Becker (Royal Daring Club)
182.  G. Laurent (Royal Standard C.L.)
Says (Royal Beerschot A.C.)
Florimond (Bruges)
Gustave (Royal Daring Club)

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