Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Topps - Match Attax Extra 2017/18 (23) - Bronze LE's - Sanchez and Kompany

Match Attax Extra 2017/18
220+ cards

Following the debacle surrounding the availability of Bronze Limited Edition cards of Vincent Kompany and Alexis Sanchez, Topps' Print Me feature has been updated. As well as getting a Bronze Limited Edition Match Attax card featuring Wayne Rooney you'll also receive a Bronze Limited Edition Match Attax Extra card featuring Vincent Kompany. The cost is still £3.99 which probably works out cheaper than buying the Vincent Kompany Bronze LE from eBay.
A little less palatable is the offer of having to spend £25.00 on any Match Attax Extra 2017/18 products to claim a Bronze Limited Edition card of Alexis Sanchez, while stocks last. Knowing my luck I'd spend £25 on things I didn't want just to get the Sanchez card only to find out that there are none left!
So it's £3.99 for Alexis Sanchez and £25 for Vincent Kompany!!!
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  1. The Sanchez card has quite a failure as the Belgian flag is on it not the Chilean

    1. Hi,

      Topps were aware of the error and they said they would fix it but it doesn't seem as if they have.



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