Friday, 30 March 2018

Unknown issuer (Colombia) - Mexico 70 Edicion Especial (2010)


Mexico 70 Edicion Especial
Unknown issuer
254 319 stickers

The stickers are unnumbered and I don't have a complete checklist.

UPDATE (22-01-2019 08:40):  Publication date amended from 2014 to 2010, thanks to Marco Papai's comment below.

Rimet Cup

FIFA World Cup
Poster 1930
Team Photo - Uruguay Campeon 1930
Logo 1930
Poster 1934
Team Photo - Italia Campeon 1934
Logo 1934
Poster 1938
Team Photo - Italia Campeon 1938
Logo 1938
Poster 1950
Team Photo - Uruguay Campeon 1950
Logo 1950
Poster 1954
Team Photo - Alemania Occ. Campeon 1954
Logo 1954
Poster 1958
Team Photo - Brasil Campeon 1958
Logo 1958
Poster 1962
Team Photo - Brasil Campeon 1962
Logo 1962
Poster 1966
Team Photo - Inglaterra Campeon 1966
Logo 1966

Ado (Brasil)

Carlos Alberto (Brasil)
Brito (Brasil)
Clodoaldo (Brasil)
Edu (Brasil)
Gerson (Brasil)
Jairzinho (Brasil)
Joel (Brasil)
Ze Maria (Brasil)
Dirceu Lopes (Brasil)
Pele (Brasil)
Wilson Piazza (Brasil)
Toninho (Brasil)
Tostao (Brasil)
Rivelino (Brasil)
Leao (Brasil)

Sepp Maier (Alemania Occidental)

Klaus Fichtel (Alemania Occidental)
Helmut Haller (Alemania Occidental)
Horst Hottges (Alemania Occidental)
Reinhard Libuda (Alemania Occidental)
Max Lorenz (Alemania Occidental)
Franz Beckenbauer (Alemania Occidental)
Gerd Muller (Alemania Occidental)
Gunter Netzer (Alemania Occidental)
Wolfgang Overath (Alemania Occidental)
Karl-Heinz Schnelliner (Alemania Occidental)
Willi Schulz (Alemania Occidental)
Uwe Seeler (Alemania Occidental)
Berti Vogts (Alemania Occidental)
Wolfgang Weber (Alemania Occidental)
Horst Wolter (Alemania Occidental)


  1. Hallo,
    I've an empty album with the entire set of stickers.
    In my opinion the year of publication is 2010 and not 2014.
    This celebration album ("edicion especial") was printed in the 40 th anniversary of the Mexico 70 World Cup.

    1. Hi Marco,

      Thank you for your help, I'll amend the date.

      Kind regards,


    2. Alan,
      the stickers are 319 and not 254. Each team has 16 players and each of the first 9 pages with the story of the world cup has 9 stickers.
      How can I publish some photos ?

    3. Hi Marco,

      I got the number 254 from the internet, thanks for letting me know the correct total.

      You can always e-mail me any photos or information:

      Kind regards,



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