Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Panini - Adrenalyn XL FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia (26) - Tips to fill your binder!

Adrenalyn XL FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia
468 cards + LE's

The album pocket sheets in the German version are numbered at the top and the album includes a sheet with tips on how to fill and complete your album. The United Kingdom album doesn't numbers on the sheets and doesn't include the sheet with Tips on how to fill your binder. I presume they've had to include an explanation on how to fill the album because the numbers at the top of sheet are wrong - the first page is numbered 1-9, the second is numbered 10-18. Filling the album as they have suggested would mean there's only room for about half the collection! No wonder that they had to include a sheet to show how the album should be filled. Thanks to Wila75 for the photo and scans.


  1. La solución es comprar el álbum Adrenalyn Liga porque tiene láminas suficientes para las 468 cartas y aún sobran láminas para colocar las 117 cartas limited edition a doble cara.

  2. Por favor.
    Alguien sabe la fecha de publicación en España?

  3. Creo que colocando 9 cartas por lámina es la mejor opción.
    Asi quedaría espacio por detrás para colocar las cartas de actualización que salgan.


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