Thursday 8 February 2018

Cromos Ros (Spain) - Caricaturas 22

Caricaturas 22
Cromos Ros
210 stickers (8 football)

Gabriele Fraulini has provided information and scans of the footballers featured in this Spanish collection.

43.  Zubizarreta (FC Barcelona)
44.  Carrasco (FC Barcelona)
45.  Schuster (FC Barcelona)
46.  Victor (FC Barcelona)
47.  Epi II 
48.  Butragueno (Real Madrid)
49.  S. Ballesteros (Golf)
50.  Samaranch (Olympic Games)
51.  M. Santana (Tennis)
52.  Hugo Sanchez (Real Madrid)
53.  McEnroe (Tennis)
54.  Gordillo (Real Madrid)
55.  Boris Becker (Tennis)
56.  Maradona (Argentina)

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