Tuesday, 6 February 2018

SC Preußen Münster - SC Preußen Münster Autogrammkarten (2006-07)

SC Preußen Münster Autogrammkarten
SC Preußen Münster
? cards

SC Preußen Münster were relegated from Regionalliga Nord at the end of the 2005/06 season and played in Oberliga Westfalen during 2006/07. I don't have a complete list of cards issued this season, in fact, the only two I know of are the two shown here - Uwe Seggewiß and Georg Kreß.

1.  Michael Joswig
2.  Dirk Caspers
3.  Simon Talarek
4.  Markus Wersching
5.  Krisztian Szollar
6.  Uwe Seggewiß   -   confirmed
7.  Stefan Siedschlag
8.  Artur Matlik
9.  Frank Mayer
10.  Farat Toku
11.  Adrian Gurzynski
14.  Sebastian Krug
15.  Alexander Thamm
17.  Marius Sowislo
18.  Rafael Figueiredo
20.  Alexander Ende
22.  Bastian Görrissen
23.  Thomas Piorunek
25.  Ansgar Brinkmann
30.  Lars Kampf
.  Björn Mehnert
.  Marco Antwerpen
.  Grover Gibson
Georg Kreß (Trainer?)   -   confirmed

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