Sunday, 25 February 2018

1-0 magazine (Netherlands) - 1-0 Foto Galerij (1970-71) (02)

1-0 Foto Galerij
1-0 magazine
508 known cut-outs

Gregory Graetz has provided a scan of a complete cut-out from one of the magazines. This sheet includes 5 players not in the original list, which can be found here - 1-0 magazine (Netherlands) - 1-0 Verzamelalbum 1970-1971. This makes a total of 508 players known to exist and as the cut-outs come in panels of 4 across and 508 is divisible by 4 it's possible that the list is now complete.
UPDATE (06-07-2020 11:50):  The title of this collection has been update.

Henk Schellekens  -  actually Harry Schellekens  -  thanks to Wila75
Hennie Oosterveld
Leo De Caluwe
Jan Klijnjan
Chris Dekker


  1. Apparently the collection consists of 16 photos per team from the 18 Eredivisie teams plus 16 European teams. This would make 544 pictures, except that for some reason CSKA Sofia only have 13 players making a frand total of 541. 542 if you include 2 x Evan Williams.

  2. Thanks Nik. I think we'd need to track down a complete album to get the complete checklist.

    1. Interestingly Theo van Duivenbode appears twice on the sheet printed above. Same photo too. Guess it's all a bit of a mess.

    2. Yes, I think you're right, I'd still like to nail down a complete list though.


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