Saturday, 9 December 2017

Ty-Phoo Tea / Co-op - TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques (05) - Proof Cards

TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques
Ty-Phoo Tea / Co-op
39 known

Garry Daynes has provided scans of these cards, they're the same size as the original plaques but Garry thinks these are proof cards. It's possible the cards are cut from a larger sheet as they as they are of varying shapes and uneven edges. 11 are known so far and a few of them are still on eBay. Of those that have been sold it's interesting to note that the Darlington card reached a higher price and received more bids than the Liverpool card.

Bristol City
Charlton Athletic
Leicester City
Lincoln City
Newcastle United
Oldham Athletic
Peterborough United
Shrewsbury Town

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