Tuesday 5 December 2017

Football Fanfare Cards - (P014) Football Fanfare - Series 2

(P014) Football Fanfare - Series 2
Football Fanfare Cards
20 cards

1.  Alf Biggs (Bristol Rovers)
2.  Tony Allen (Stoke City)
3.  Andy Graver (Stoke City)
4.  Tommy Burden (Chester)
5.  Wilf Carter (Plymouth Argyle)
6.  Brian Harris (Newport)
7.  Tommy Biggs (Blackburn Rovers)
8.  Ted Burgin (Sheffield United)
9.  Sam Burton (Swindon Town)
10.  Geoff Barrowcliffe (Derby County)
11.  Cliff Holton (Arsenal) 
12.  Stan Anderson (Sunderland)
13.  John Atyeo (Bristol City)
14.  Tom Emery (Lincoln City)
15.  Brian Douglas (Blackburn Rovers)
16.  Roy Hartle (Bolton Wanderers)
17.  Ronnie Blackman (Nottingham Forest)
18.  Bill Foulkes (Manchester United)
19.  George Farm (Blackpool)
20.  Ron Burgess (Tottenham Hotspur)

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