Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Sport in View / Tony Sheldon - Pro’s and Poetry - Series 2

Pro’s and Poetry - Series 2
Sport in View / Tony Sheldon
25 cards

An illustrated checklist featuring footballers and cricketers, but mostly footballers. Cards are 80 x 52mm, larger than the cards in the first set, they are numbered on the front and have plain backs.

26.  Fred Hawley (Q.P.R.)
27.  Bert Smith ("Spurs")
28.  J. Trotter (The Wednesday)
29.  Fred Shelley (Southampton)
30.  Dick Johnson (Stoke City)
31.  Matt Wellock (Oldham Athletic)
32.  "Paddy" Mills (Notts County)
33.  "Baby" Barrett (West Ham)
34.  Wilfred Milne (Swansea Town)
35.  Wilf. Chadwick (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
36.  George Clarke (Crystal Palace)
37.  Andy Neil (Brighton)
38.  J. Walsh (Bristol City)
39.  Reg Williams (Brighton and Hove)
40.  Harry Foxall (Portsmouth)
41.  Jimmy Nelson (Cardiff City)
42.  "Dug" Livingstone (Plymouth Argyle)
43.  Harold Peel (Arsenal)
44.  George Cox (Sussex)
45.  E.A. McDonald (Lanxs)
46.  Wally Hammond (Gloucestershire)
47.  "Jack" Russell (Essex)
48.  Norman Kilner (Warwickshire)
49.  Wally Hardinge (Kent)
50.  F.R. Santall (Warwickshire)

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