Sunday, 17 December 2017

Imagics (Mexico) - Futbol Mexicano - Club América (2009) (02) - Ismael Rodriguez

Futbol Mexicano - Club América
83 cards

Ryan has provided a few photos of this card of Ismael Rodriguez. He pulled it from a pack and the back of the card seems to be signed. The E series of cards are specials but I don't know enough about this collection to confirm whether there were autograph cards included. Are there any collectors out there who can confirm the authenticity of this card. Ryan took it to his local card shop and after studying it under a magnifying glass he said that it's been signed with a real ball-point pen but can't confirm it's his autograph.

E07. Ismael Rodriguez


  1. Ray Van Den Bossche13 July 2021 at 19:08

    Hi Alan, I just purchased a large collection of these cards with massive duplication and I can confirm that the special cards all had facsimile autographs on them. Sorry to say the autos are not real. I will send you some other pictures via email.

    1. Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your comment, sorry for the delay in getting it published. I have to authorise all comments, there is so much spam going around.


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