Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Upper Deck - World Cup 94 Preview - English/Spanish (07) - Autographed Set - USA

World Cup 94 Preview - English/Spanish - Autographed Set - USA
Upper Deck
29 cards

Upper Deck issued a number of Autographed team sets in the run up to the 1994 World Cup tournament. Each card has a special numbered holographic sticker attached to the back of the card and they also come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Upper Deck.
I also have checklists for similar sets covering Colombia, Netherlands and Spain but I don't have any examples to use as illustrations. If anyone has one of these autographed cards and is willing to provide scans I would be more than happy to hear from you.

1.  Tony Meola (U.S.A.)
2.  Mike Lapper (U.S.A.)
3.  John Doyle (U.S.A.)
4.  Bruce Murray (U.S.A.)
5.  Thomas Dooley (U.S.A.)
6.  John Harkes (U.S.A.)
7.  Hugo Perez (U.S.A.)
8.  Dominic Kinnear (U.S.A.)
9.  Tab Ramos (U.S.A.)
10.  Earnie Stewart (U.S.A.)
11.  Eric Wynalda (U.S.A.)
12.  Jeff Agoos (U.S.A.)
13.  Cobi Jones (U.S.A.)
14.  Brian Quinn (U.S.A.)
15.  Desmond Armstrong (U.S.A.)
16.  Mike Sorber (U.S.A.)
17.  Roy Wegerle (U.S.A.)
18.  Brad Friedel (U.S.A.)
19.  Chris Henderson (U.S.A.)
20.  Paul Caligiuri (U.S.A.)
21.  Fernando Clavijo (U.S.A.)
22.  Alexi Lalas (U.S.A.)
23.  Cle Kooiman (U.S.A.)
24.  Peter Vermes (U.S.A.)
25.  Mark Chung (U.S.A.)
26.  Joe-Max Moore (U.S.A.)
27.  Frank Klopas (U.S.A.)
28.  Marcelo Balboa (U.S.A.)
29.  Janusz Michallik (U.S.A.)


  1. Hi Alan,
    I own this collection of autographed cards and I would be happy to scan them and email them to you.
    Would you like me to do that?

    1. Hi Laurence,

      That would be great, thank you.


    2. I have emailed you the photo's of the collection Alan.

    3. Thank you Laurence, I'll be in touch over the weekend.


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