Wednesday 29 November 2017

Panini - FIFA 365 2018 - The Golden World of Football (15) - Pink back

FIFA 365 2018 - The Golden World of Football
602 stickers

Wila75 has provided scans of the backs of sticker no. 324, a regular black version along with a pink version he found in a packet from Germany. It is the only pink backed sticker he has found so far.

324.  Club Emblem (Juventus) - pink back


  1. Stickers with pink backs are from a version sold in Slovenia and Serbia, where all "gold" stickers and also Extra (S1-S60) stickers have pink backs. There are a few other stickers that also have a pink back, but more can be read on the link below...

    More information here: and here:

    The packet sold in Slovenia has a red back. I would be really surprised if this packet was pulled out of a box sold in Germany, where they, as far as I know, have an international edition (Extra stickers E1-E60), with all black backs.

    Or if I'm wrong we might have another edition in Germany, anyway will be looking this thread for possible updates from this topic of pink backs in Germany.

    1. Hi Jouster,

      Thank you for your comments and the links, I enjoyed reading everything you've written about the collection.

      I can guarantee that Wila75 pulled the pink-backed sticker from a German packet, how it got there we've no idea. It was the only pink-backed sticker in the box.

      Kind regards,



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