Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Tampa Bay Rowdies - Tampa Bay Rowdies (1983) - Adidas

Tampa Bay Rowdies
Tampa Bay Rowdies / Adidas
12 cards known

I’ve only got a poor photocopy to use as an illustration.

1.  Jurgen Stars
10.  Tatu
11.  Manny Rojas
14.  Juan Carlos Molina
15.  Peter Roe
16.  Michael Lacevic
18.  Mark Karpun
19.  Hugo Perez
20.  Eduardo Bonvallet
20.  Tom Boric
23.  Jim Easton
Al Miller (Head Coach)

other possible cards:

Sam Allardyce
Peter Baralic
Mike Connell
Luis Fernando
Franz Gerber
Skip Gilbert
Refik Kozic
Mark Longwell
Flemming Lund
Wes McLeod
Glenn Myernick
Peter Nogly
Gregg Thompson
Jan van der Veen


  1. Judging by the picture I guess you can add card 1 Jurgen Stars :)

    1. Thanks Nik,

      Another case of looking and not seeing....


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