Friday 13 October 2017

D.C. Thomson / The Rover - (ZT5-4.5) Un-supporters' Badges

(ZT5-4.5) Un-supporters' Badges
D.C. Thomson / The Rover
? badges

"You wear supporters' badges to support your own team but un-supporters' badges are used to rib the opposition." These badges were included with issue no. 1807 of The Rover, dated 13 February, 1960. It's not known how many different badges were issued as the Editor didn't specify how many there were. Each issue included two badges provided in a special envelope.
  1. "Did you know the Rangers are after your winger?" (Orange or Red?) - Reverse: ?
  2. "He's got the biggest kick in the country" (Orange) - Reverse: illustration of a rocking horse
  3. "I know a good stopper your defence could do with" (Orange or Red?) - Reverse: ?
  4. "There's only one cap your captain could be awarded" (Red) - Reverse: A dunce's cap
  5. "There's only one way your team can stop our forwards" (Orange) - Reverse: "Board up the goal"
  6. "Turn to the other side and you'll see one record your team could break" (Orange) - Reverse: ?
  7. "You can always spot a man who has a season ticket for your team" (Orange or Red?) - Reverse: ?
  8. "Your centre forward's unique" (Orange) - Reverse: ?
  9. "He not only walks in his sleep...." (Orange or Red?) - Reverse: ?
  10. "Doctors think your left-winger is wonderful" (Orange or Red?) - Reverse: ?

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  1. In the halcyon days of a 'good clip round the ear' I will bet these were not used more than once :)


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