Sunday, 1 October 2017

Mabilgráfica (Portugal) - Mundial De Futebol Espanha 82 (02)

Mundial De Futebol Espanha 82
288 stickers

Thanks to Gregory Graetz for providing the missing names for this collection. I've also added these players to the original checklist which can be found here - Mabilgráfica (Portugal) - Mundial De Futebol Espanha 82.

148.  Anton Costly (Honduras)

149.  Fernando Bulnes (Honduras)
150.  David Bueso (Honduras)
162.  Sandor Muller (Hungary)
165.  Laszlo Fazekas (Hungary)
185.  Mal Donaghy (Northern Ireland)
219.  Abdullah Maayuf (Kuwait)
236.  Duncan Cole (New Zealand)
237.  Brian Turner (New Zealand)
268.  Carlos Recino (El Salvador)
282.  Vitalij Darasselia (U.S.S.R.).

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