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Chocolates Nieto / S. Subías - Temporada 1953-54

Temporada 1953-54
Chocolates Nieto / S. Subías
90+ cards

These cards are printed by S. Subias and are very similar to other cards issued around this time. I would presume that all the different versions have the same checklist. There are three different back versions and all these cards seem to be available with at least two of them and possibly all three. Here are links to the other S. Subias cards:
Alfredo Carbonell / S. Subías - Album Kaomelin (1953-54)
Chocolates Torras / S. Subías - Temporada 1953-54
Chocolates Torras / S. Subías - Temporada 1953-54 (02)

Panizo (Athletic Club de Bilbao)
Carlsson (Atletico de Madrid)
Hernández (Atlético de Madrid)
Juncosa (Atlético de Madrid)
Biosca (Barcelona C. de F.)
César (Barcelona C. de F.)
Kubala (Barcelona C. de F.)
Ramallets (Barcelona C. de F.)
Mekerle (Celta de Vigo)
Acuna (Deportivo de La Coruña)
Argilés (R.C.D. Español)
Artigas (R.C.D. Español)
Marcet (R.C.D. Español)
Parra (R.C.D. Español)
Bazan (Malaga)
Alonso II (Real Madrid)
Molowny (Real Madrid)
Epi (Real Sociedad)
Nando (Real Sociedad)
Coque (Real Valladolid)
Ortega (Real Valladolid)
Ramoní (Sevilla C. de F.)
Arza (Sevilla C. de F.)
Araujo (Sevilla C. de F.)
Puchades (Valencia C. de F.)
Campanal II (?)
Atienza (?)
Gonzalvo II (?)

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