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Anonymous - Footballers - Mickey Durling Caricatures

Footballers - Mickey Durling Caricatures
647 cards

I think this is a complete checklist but don't ask me stake my life on it!! 647 cards are listed, some players appear more than once. All are reproductions of Mickey Durling caricatures that appeared in the 1940's and 1950's in publications like the Sunday Empire News. Some appear in specific series, like the 'Our Pin'up' caricatures that have been featured previously on this blog. Thanks to Michael McIntyre for some of the scans shown here.

W. Barnes (Arsenal) - without ball
W. Barnes (Arsenal) - with ball
J. Bloomfield (Arsenal)
D. Bowen (Arsenal)
M. Charles (Arsenal)
D. Compton (Arsenal)
D. Compton (Arsenal) - no club
L. Compton (Arsenal)
F. Cox (Arsenal)
Ray  Daniel (Arsenal)
Ray  Daniel (Arsenal) - no club
Alf  Fields (Arsenal)
Alec  Forbes (Arsenal)
Alex  Forbes (Arsenal)
Pete  Goring (Arsenal)
Peter  Goring (Arsenal)
V. Groves (Arsenal)
C. Holton (Arsenal)
B. Jones (Arsenal) - legs crossed
B. Jones (Arsenal) - legs uncrossed
Jack  Kelsey (Arsenal)
John  Kelsey (Arsenal)
T. Lawton (Arsenal)
Reg  Lewis (Arsenal)
D. Lishman (Arsenal)
J. Logie (Arsenal) - without ball
J. Logie (Arsenal) - with ball
A. MacAuley (Arsenal) - with ball
A. MacAuley (Arsenal) - without ball
Ben  Marden (Arsenal)
I. McPherson (Arsenal)
J. Mercer (Arsenal) - without ball
J. Mercer (Arsenal) - with ball
Arthur  Milton (Arsenal)
C.A. Milton (Arsenal)
T. Platt (Arsenal)
Ron  Rooke (Arsenal)
Ronnie  Rooke (Arsenal) - looking left
Ronnie  Rooke (Arsenal) - looking right
D. Roper (Arsenal)
L. Scott (Arsenal)
Arthur  Shaw (Arsenal)
Lionel  Smith (Arsenal) - without ball
Lionel  Smith (Arsenal) - with ball
G. Swindin (Arsenal)
J. Wade (Arsenal)
Tommy  Cummings (Aston Villa)
J. Dugdale (Aston Villa)
Trevor  Ford (Aston Villa) - with ball
Trevor  Ford (Aston Villa) - without ball
C. Gibson (Aston Villa)
S. Lynn (Aston Villa)
P. McParland (Aston Villa)
D. Pace (Aston Villa)
Ivor  Powell (Aston Villa)
J. Rutherford (Aston Villa)
N. Sims (Aston Villa)
J. Baxter (Barnsley)
J. Kelly (Barnsley)
C. McCormack (Barnsley)
E. McMorran (Barnsley)
M. McNeil (Barnsley)
M. McNeill (Barnsley)
J. Clough (Barrow)
G. Astall (Birmingham City)
L. Boyd (Birmingham City)
K. Green (Birmingham City)
J. Hall (Birmingham City)
G. Merrick (Birmingham City)
T. Smith (Birmingham City)
E. Bell (Blackburn Rovers)
T. Briggs (Blackburn Rovers)
J. Campbell (Blackburn Rovers)
R. Clayton (Blackburn Rovers)
B. Eckersley (Blackburn Rovers)
W. Kelly (Blackburn Rovers)
A. Brown (Blackpool)
Dave  Durie (Blackpool)
G. Farm (Blackpool)
T. Garrett (Blackpool)
E. Hayward (Blackpool)
H. Johnston (Blackpool)
S. Matthews (Blackpool) - looking left
S. Matthews (Blackpool) - looking right
S. Mortensen (Blackpool) - looking left - dark shirt
S. Mortensen (Blackpool) - looking left - white shirt
S. Mortensen (Blackpool) - looking right
B. Perry (Blackpool)
E. Shimwell (Blackpool) - with background
E. Shimwell (Blackpool) - without background
E. Taylor (Blackpool)
T. Waiters (Blackpool)
M. Barrass (Bolton Wanderers)
J. Hernon (Bolton Wanderers)
G. Higgins (Bolton Wanderers)
E. Hopkinson (Bolton Wanderers)
B. Langton (Bolton Wanderers)
N. Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)
W. Moir (Bolton Wanderers)
R. Parry (Bolton Wanderers)
A. Keetley (Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic)
T. Tippett (Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic)
J. Gooch (Bradford City)
J. Haines (Bradford Park Avenue)
Harry  McIlvenny (Bradford Park Avenue)
Les  Stevens (Bradford Park Avenue)
B. Dare (Brentford)
J. Gorman (Brentford)
A. Jeffries (Brentford)
K. Bennett (Brighton & Hove Albion)
E. Gill (Brighton & Hove Albion)
L. Wilkins (Brighton & Hove Albion)
J. Atyeo (Bristol City)
H. Bamford (Bristol Rovers)
C. Edwards (Bristol City)
B. Hoyle (Bristol Rovers)
J. Pitt (Bristol Rovers)
A. Rodgers (Bristol City)
J. Adamson (Burnley)
G. Bray (Burnley)
Tommy  Cummings (Burnley)
B. Holden (Burnley)
J. McIlroy (Burnley)
H. Potts (Burnley)
B. Seith (Burnley)
L. Shannon (Burnley)
J. Strong (Burnley)
A. Woodruff (Burnley)
G. Griffiths (Bury)
D. Massart (Bury)
B. Baker (Cardiff City)
D. Blair (Cardiff City)
G. Hitchens (Cardiff City)
K. Hollyman (Cardiff City)
R. Howells (Cardiff City)
S. Montgomery (Cardiff City)
Graham  Moore (Cardiff City)
A. Sherwood (Cardiff City)
D. Sullivan (Cardiff City)
D. Tapscott (Cardiff City)
G. Williams (Cardiff City)
S. Bartram (Charlton Athletic) - dark jersey
S. Bartram (Charlton Athletic) - white jersey
S. Ellis (Charlton Athletic)
B. Fenton (Charlton Athletic)
E. Firmani (Charlton Athletic)
B. Johnson (Charlton Athletic)
B. Kiernan (Charlton Athletic)
F. Lock (Charlton Athletic)
S. O'Linn (Charlton Athletic)
D. Ufton (Charlton Athletic)
C. Vaughan (Charlton Athletic)
D. Welsh (Charlton Athletic)
Ken  Armstrong (Chelsea)
Sid  Bathgate (Chelsea)
Roy  Bentley (Chelsea)
H. Billington (Chelsea)
Mike  Block (Chelsea)
F. Blunstone (Chelsea)
J. Bowie (Chelsea)
Terry  Bradbury (Chelsea)
Barry  Bridges (Chelsea)
Bobby  Campbell (Chelsea)
David  Cliss (Chelsea)
Peter  Conroy (Chelsea)
Jimmy  D'Arcy (Chelsea)
B. Dickson (Chelsea)
L. Goulden (Chelsea)
L. Goulden (Chelsea) - coach
Billy  Gray (Chelsea)
Jimmy  Greaves (Chelsea) - looking left
Jimmy  Greaves (Chelsea) - looking right
John  Harris (Chelsea)
M. Harrison (Chelsea)
B. Hughes (Chelsea)
Benny  Jones (Chelsea)
Jimmy  Leadbetter (Chelsea)
Freddy  Lewis (Chelsea)
Phil  McKnight (Chelsea)
Harry  Medhurst (Chelsea)
Frank  Mitchell (Chelsea)
E. Parsons (Chelsea) - with ball
E. Parsons (Chelsea) - without ball
B. Robertson (Chelsea) - looking left
B. Robertson (Chelsea) - looking right
Jack  Saunders (Chelsea)
Melvyn  Scott (Chelsea)
Ken  Shellito (Chelsea)
P. Sillett (Chelsea)
Bobby  Smith (Chelsea)
Jim  Smith (Chelsea)
Keith  Smith (Chelsea)
N. Smith (Chelsea) - trainer
L. Stubbs (Chelsea)
Bob  Tambling (Chelsea)
Sid  Tickridge (Chelsea)
T. Venables (Chelsea)
T. Walker (Chelsea)
Stan  Willemse (Chelsea)
Reg  Williams (Chelsea)
Vic  Woodley (Chelsea)
A. Bellis (Chesterfield)
D. Dale (Chesterfield)
R. Middleton (Chesterfield)
S. Milburn (Chesterfield)
F. Coombs (Colchester United)
N. Lockhart (Coventry City) - with ball
N. Lockhart (Coventry City) - without ball
R. Matthews (Coventry City)
A. Wood (Coventry City)
E. Lyons (Crewe Alexandra)
L. Choules (Crystal Palace)
B. Hughes (Crystal Palace)
F. Kurz (Crystal Palace)
L. Scott (Crystal Palace)
L. Stevens (Crystal Palace)
Frank  Boulton (Derby County)
James  Bullions (Derby County)
Raich  Carter (Derby County) - looking left
Raich  Carter (Derby County) - looking right - dark ball
Raich  Carter (Derby County) - looking right - white ball
Sammy  Crooks (Derby County)
Peter  Doherty (Derby County)
Dally  Duncan (Derby County)
R. Harrison (Derby County)
Jack  Howe (Derby County)
Jack  Lee (Derby County)
Leon  Leuty (Derby County)
David  McCulloch (Derby County)
J. Morris (Derby County)
B. Mozley (Derby County)
C. Musson (Derby County)
Walter  Musson (Derby County)
Jack  Nicholas (Derby County)
Jack  Parr (Derby County)
J. Stamps (Derby County) - facing left
Jack  Stamps (Derby County) - facing right
Billy  Steel (Derby County)
Sydney  Bycroft (Doncaster Rovers)
T. Cavanagh (Doncaster Rovers)
P. Doherty (Doncaster Rovers)
B. Makepeace (Doncaster Rovers)
Bert  Tindill (Doncaster Rovers)
Paul  Todd (Doncaster Rovers)
G. Walker (Doncaster Rovers)
B. Steel (Dundee)
Bobby  Collins (Everton)
T. Eglington (Everton)
P. Farrell (Everton)
W. Fielding (Everton)
T. Jones (Everton)
F. Pickering (Everton)
F. Durrant (Exeter City)
J. Bacuzzi (Fulham) - looking left
J. Bacuzzi (Fulham) - looking right
B. Brennan (Fulham)
J. Campbell (Fulham)
J. Chenhall (Fulham)
G. Cohen (Fulham)
J. Haynes (Fulham)
J. Hill (Fulham)
B. Jezzard (Fulham)
A. Stevens (Fulham)
J. Taylor (Fulham)
V. Niblett (Gillingham)
M. Skivington (Gillingham)
P. Sowden (Gillingham)
B. Evans (Glasgow Celtic)
N. Mochan (Glasgow Celtic)
E. Rutherford (Glasgow Rangers)
Don  Townsend (Glasgow Celtic)
W. Woodburn (Glasgow Rangers)
George  Young (Glasgow Rangers)
J. Cowan (Greenock Morton)
W. Chisholm (Grimsby Town) - with ball
W. Chisholm (Grimsby Town) - without ball
G. Hair (Grimsby Town)
S. Bathgate (Hamilton Academicals)
J. Govan (Hibernian)
H. Howie (Hibernian)
L. Reilly (Hibernian) - leg stretched out
L. Reilly (Hibernian) - running
G. Smith (Hibernian)
E. Turnbull (Hibernian)
T. Younger (Hibernian)
P. Doherty (Huddersfield Town)
C. Gallogly (Huddersfield Town)
D. Hickson (Huddersfield Town)
B. McGarry (Huddersfield Town)
V. Metcalfe (Huddersfield Town)
A. Nightingale (Huddersfield Town)
L. Quested (Huddersfield Town)
R. Staniforth (Huddersfield Town)
T. Berry (Hull City)
B. Bly (Hull City)
N. Franklin (Hull City)
K. Harrison (Hull City)
V. Jensen (Hull City)
H. Meens (Hull City)
Ferenc  Puskas (Hungary)
J. Charles (Leeds United)
W. Cush (Leeds United)
F. Dudley (Leeds United)
G. Hair (Leeds United)
E. Kerfoot (Leeds United)
Don  Revie (Leeds United)
Albert  Wakefield (Leeds United)
K. Chisholm (Leicester City) - with stand
K. Chisholm (Leicester City) - without stand
M. Griffiths (Leicester City)
D. Hines (Leicester City)
D. Hogg (Leicester City)
J. Lee (Leicester City)
J. Morris (Leicester City)
A. Rowley (Leicester City)
S. Aldous (Leyton Orient)
S. Willemse (Leyton Orient)
J. Dodds (Lincoln City)
T. Emery (Lincoln City)
A. A'Court (Liverpool)
C. Ashcroft (Liverpool)
J. Balmer (Liverpool)
L. Bimpson (Liverpool)
J. Evans (Liverpool)
J. Heydon (Liverpool)
L. Hughes (Liverpool)
B. Liddell (Liverpool) - looking left - dark shirt
B. Liddell (Liverpool) - looking left - light shirt
B. Liddell (Liverpool) - looking right
G. Milne (Liverpool)
B.. Nieuwenhuys (Nivvy) (Liverpool)
Jimmy  Payne (Liverpool)
J. Smith (Liverpool)
P. Taylor (Liverpool)
P. Thompson (Liverpool)
J. Arnison (Luton Town)
R. Baynham (Luton Town)
D. Gardiner (Luton Town)
L. Hall (Luton Town)
G. Stobbart (Luton Town)
B. Streten (Luton Town) - plain socks
B. Streten (Luton Town) - striped socks
John  Anderson (Manchester United)
G. Bent (Manchester United)
J. Berry (Manchester United) - looking left
J. Berry (Manchester United) - looking right
John  Berry (Manchester United) - looking left
John  Berry (Manchester United) - looking right
J. Blanchflower (Manchester United) - dark shirt
J. Blanchflower (Manchester United) - white shirt
R. Byrne (Manchester United)
John  Carey (Manchester United)
B. Charlton (Manchester United)
A. Chilton (Manchester United)
H. Cockburn (Manchester United) - looking left kicking
H. Cockburn (Manchester United) - looking left running
H. Cockburn (Manchester United) - looking right
E. Colman (Manchester United) - with ball
E. Colman (Manchester United) - without ball
Jack  Crompton (Manchester United)
J. Delaney (Manchester United) - kicking
J. Delaney (Manchester United) - running
D. Edwards (Manchester United) - without bushy hair
D. Edwards (Manchester United) - with bushy hair
B. Foulkes (Manchester United) - looking left
B. Foulkes (Manchester United) - looking right
D. Gibson (Manchester United)
H. Gregg (Manchester United)
M. Jones (Manchester United) - facing left
Mark  Jones (Manchester United) - facing front
D. Law (Manchester City)
R. Little (Manchester City)
F. McCourt (Manchester City)
W. McGuiness (Manchester United)
J. Meadows (Manchester City)
C. Mitten (Manchester United)
Johnny  Morris (Manchester United) - dark shirt
Johnny  Morris (Manchester United) - white shirt
S. Pearson (Manchester United)
D. Pegg (Manchester United) - collar
D. Pegg (Manchester United) - V neck
Albert  Quixall (Manchester United)
J. Rowley (Manchester United)
Albert  Scanlon (Manchester United)
F. Swift (Manchester City) - facing left
Frank  Swift (Manchester City) - facing right
T. Taylor (Manchester United)
Dennis  Viollet (Manchester United) - without ball
Dennis  Viollet (Manchester United) - with ball
B. Whelan (Manchester United) - collar
B. Whelan (Manchester United) - V neck
Jeffrey  Whitefoot (Manchester United)
R. Wood (Manchester United)
Brian  Clough (Middlesbrough)
A. Fitzsimmons (Middlesbrough)
G. Hepple (Middlesbrough)
Wilf  Mannion (Middlesbrough) - white shirt
Wilf  Mannion (Middlesbrough) - dark shirt
A. McCrae (Middlesbrough)
K. McPherson (Middlesbrough)
D. Robinson (Middlesbrough)
R. Ugolini (Middlesbrough)
G. Bowler (Millwall)
G. Fisher (Millwall)
A. Jardine (Millwall)
J. Johnson (Millwall)
W. Humphries (Motherwell)
F. Brennan (Newcastle United)
I. Broadis (Newcastle United)
B. Cowell (Newcastle United)
G. Eastham (Newcastle United)
J. Harvey (Newcastle United)
V. Keeble (Newcastle United)
G. Lackenty (Newcastle United)
A. McMichael (Newcastle United)
J. Milburn (Newcastle United) - looking left
J. Milburn (Newcastle United) - looking right
B. Mitchell (Newcastle United)
George  Robledo (Newcastle United)
J. Scoular (Newcastle United)
R. Simpson (Newcastle United)
E. Taylor (Newcastle United)
L. White (Newcastle United)
C. Birch (Newport County)
I. Hughes (Newport County)
Jimmy  Conley (no team)
Brian  Dellar (no team)
Jimmy  Hogan (no team) - trainer
Brian  Legg (no team)
Dennis  Long (no team)
Barry  Smart (no team)
J. Ansell (Northampton Town)
A. Dixon (Northampton Town)
G. Hughes (Northampton Town)
A. McCulloch (Northampton Town)
R. Patterson (Northampton Town)
F. Ramscar (Northampton Town)
R. Ashman (Norwich City)
T. Docherty (Norwich City)
J. Gavin (Norwich City)
R. Hollis (Norwich City)
K. Nethercott (Norwich City)
J. Burkitt (Nottingham Forest)
J. French (Nottingham Forest)
H. Gager (Nottingham Forest)
B. Morley (Nottingham Forest)
H. Adamson (Notts County)
T. Lawton (Notts County)
L. Leuty (Notts County)
P. McKennan (Oldham Athletic)
J. Chisholm (Plymouth Argyle)
G. Dews (Plymouth Argyle)
N. Dougal (Plymouth Argyle)
P. Jones (Plymouth Argyle)
Jack  Rowley (Plymouth Argyle)
B. Shortt (Plymouth Argyle)
B. Strauss (Plymouth Argyle)
M. Tadman (Plymouth Argyle)
Tom  Cheadle (Port Vale)
Basil  Hayward (Port Vale)
R. King (Port Vale)
A. Leake (Port Vale)
R. Potts (Port Vale)
Brian  Carter (Portsmouth)
J. Dickenson (Portsmouth)
R. Flewin (Portsmouth)
J. Froggatt (Portsmouth)
P. Harris (Portsmouth)
L. Phillips (Portsmouth)
Roy  Sproson (Portsmouth)
B. Thompson (Portsmouth)
Stan  Turner (Portsmouth)
T. Docherty (Preston North End)
T. Finney (Preston North End)
K. Horton (Preston North End)
J. Marston (Preston North End)
W. McIntosh (Preston North End)
Angus  Morrison (Preston North End)
E. Quigley (Preston North End)
C. Wayman (Preston North End)
Reg  Allen (Queens Park Rangers) - arms out
Reg  Allen (Queens Park Rangers) - holding ball
H. Gilberg (Queens Park Rangers)
B. McEwan (Queens Park Rangers)
M. Powell (Queens Park Rangers)
H. Woodward (Queens Park Rangers)
K. Bainbridge (Reading)
M. Edelston (Reading)
T. Long (Reading)
J. Shaw (Rotherham United)
L. Browning (Sheffield United)
T. Burgin (Sheffield United)
Derek  Dooley (Sheffield Wednesday)
A. Finney (Sheffield Wednesday)
A. Forbes (Sheffield United)
R. Froggatt (Sheffield Wednesday)
F. Furniss (Sheffield United)
E. Gannon (Sheffield Wednesday)
Colin  Grainger (Sheffield United)
J. Hagan (Sheffield United) - heading
J. Hagan (Sheffield United) - jumping
J. Hagan (Sheffield United) - kicking
H. Hitchen (Sheffield United)
D. McIntosh (Sheffield Wednesday)
A. Quixall (Sheffield Wednesday)
A. Ringstead (Sheffield United)
J. Robinson (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Sewell (Sheffield Wednesday)
Peter  Swan (Sheffield Wednesday)
C. Turton (Sheffield Wednesday)
R. Warhurst (Sheffield United)
I. Black (Southampton)
Eric  Day (Southampton)
B. Ellerington (Southampton)
E. Jones (Southampton)
C. Wayman (Southampton)
A. Anderson (Southend United)
L. Jones (Southend United)
J. Lawler (Southend United)
J. McAlinden (Southend United)
D. Thompson (Southend United)
Billy  Wall (Southend United)
F. Walton (Southend United)
Tony  Allen (Stoke City)
F. Bowyer (Stoke City)
T. Coleman (Stoke City)
S. Matthews (Stoke City)
B. Mould (Stoke City)
F. Mountford (Stoke City)
Frank  Mountford (Stoke City)
Ken  Thomson (Stoke City)
S. Anderson (Sunderland)
B. Bingham (Sunderland)
Len  Dunns (Sunderland)
T. Ford (Sunderland)
Charlie  Hurley (Sunderland)
J. Mapson (Sunderland)
T. Purdan (Sunderland)
T. Reynolds (Sunderland)
L. Shackleton (Sunderland) - looking left
L. Shackleton (Sunderland) - looking right
B. Walsh (Sunderland)
W. Watson (Sunderland)
T. Wright (Sunderland)
I. Allchurch (Swansea Town)
T. Medwin (Swansea Town)
Mel  Nurse (Swansea Town)
Roy  Paul (Swansea Town)
F. Scrine (Swansea Town)
M. Owen (Swindon Town)
T. Ryder (Swindon Town)
H. Cameron (Torquay United)
Bert  Head (Torquay United)
D. Mills (Torquay United)
E. Baily (Tottenham Hotspur)
L. Bennett (Tottenham Hotspur)
D. Blanchflower (Tottenham Hotspur)
V. Buckingham (Tottenham Hotspur)
R. Burgess (Tottenham Hotspur)
H. Clarke (Tottenham Hotspur)
Fred  Cox (Tottenham Hotspur)
Ted  Ditchburn (Tottenham Hot) - looking right without stand
Ted  Ditchburn (Tottenham Hot) - looking right with stand
Ted  Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur) - looking left
Len  Duquemin (Tottenham Hotspur)
T. Harmer (Tottenham Hotspur)
Cliff  Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)
Ernie  Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)
J. Jordan (Tottenham Hotspur)
George  Ludford (Tottenham Hotspur)
T. Marchi (Tottenham Hotspur)
L. Medley (Tottenham Hotspur)
P. Murphy (Tottenham Hotspur)
B. Nicholson (Tottenham Hotspur) - without stand
B. Nicholson (Tottenham Hotspur) - with stand
M. Norman (Tottenham Hotspur)
A. Ramsey (Tottenham Hotspur)
B. Rees (Tottenham Hotspur)
R. Reynolds (Tottenham Hotspur)
B. Smith (Tottenham Hotspur)
Sonny  Walters (Tottenham Hotspur)
A. Willis (Tottenham Hotspur)
C. Withers (Tottenham Hotspur)
B. Done (Tranmere Rovers)
B. O'Neill (Walsall)
R. Allen (West Bromwich Albion)
M. Allison (West Ham United)
R. Barlow (West Bromwich Albion)
V. Buckingham (West Bromwich Albion) - manager
N. Corbett (West Ham United)
J. Dudley (West Bromwich Albion) - heading
J. Dudley (West Bromwich Albion) - kicking
B. Elliott (West Bromwich Albion)
G. Gazzard (West Ham United)
F. Griffin (West Bromwich Albion) - looking left
F. Griffin (West Bromwich Albion) - looking right
J. Haines (West Bromwich Albion)
N. Heath (West Bromwich Albion)
N. Heath (West Bromwich Albion) - without goal
H. Hooper (West Ham United)
J. Kennedy (West Bromwich Albion)
Derek  Kevan (West Bromwich Albion)
G. Lee (West Bromwich Albion)
Len  Millard (West Bromwich Albion)
B. Moore (West Ham United)
T. Moroney (West Ham United)
Johnny  Nicholls (West Bromwich Albion)
S. Rickaby (West Bromwich Albion)
P. Ryan (West Bromwich Albion)
M. Setters (West Bromwich Albion)
D. Walker (West Ham United)
Dave  Walsh (West Bromwich Albion)
P. Broadbent (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - without ball
P. Broadbent (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - with ball
B. Crook (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Norman  Deeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
D. Dorsett (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
R. Flowers (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
J. Hancocks (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - looking left
J. Hancocks (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - looking right
Alan  Hinton (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
L. Kelly (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Bobby  Mason (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
A. McLean (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
J. Mullen (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Jimmy  Murray (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Roy  Pritchard (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - looking left
Roy  Pritchard (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - looking right
J. Pye (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
B. Shorthouse (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
George  Showell (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
B. Slater (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - heading
B. Slater (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - kicking
Sammy  Smythe (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
E. Stuart (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - without ball
E. Stuart (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - with ball
R. Swinbourne (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - heading
R. Swinbourne (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - kicking
Bobby  Thompson (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
D. Wescott (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
B. Williams (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - with stand
B. Williams (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - without stand
D. Wilshaw (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
W. Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - facing front
W. Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - facing right
W. Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - name to left
W. Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - name to right
W. Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - no ball

A. & E.O.


  1. I think maybe these caricatures appeared in Sunday Empire News - as opposed to Sunday Evening news. I don't remember any Sunday evening publications. Not much happened on a Sunday in the 1940's or 50's - it was "The day of the Lord" then, not much happened, we all went to church

    1. Thanks MikeD, Good point, I'll amend what I've typed.

  2. Mickey Durling was my Grandpa, is there any way I can get the images? I have some but not 649! Thanks, Mike

    1. I wish I could help but these days I don't have many images, the ones I do have are all on my blog, I think there are four posts. In my own collection I have some Cardiff City players.


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