Wednesday 19 July 2017

Topps - 2017 Allen & Ginter Baseball (02) - Double Autograph Book Card

2017 Allen & Ginter Baseball
350 base cards

When the checklist was announced recently I was a little disappointed to see no football cards for the second year running. Anyone familiar with the release of these cards in recent years will know that Topps often include cards that are not on the checklist. Santa Claus and Neptune are two such cards from a series of Fictional Characters Relics. But the biggest surprise for me was the inclusion of the above Dual Autograph Book Card, numbered to just 10 copies. It might just be the only football card in this year's collection but what a card!!!

Double Autograph Book Card  #/10
1 card known

DA-RP.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Madrid) / Pelé (New York)

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