Monday, 17 July 2017

British American Tobacco Co. (Netherlands) - Voetballers (Union Cigarettes)

British American Tobacco Co. / Union Cigarettes
30 cards

This set can sometimes be found listed as being issued in 1907 but that is too early for some of the players in the checklist. Huug de Groot only joined Sparta Rotterdam in 1909, Piet Bouman and Nico Bouvy joined D.F.C. in 1910 but Bouvy left to join Altona 1893 in 1913. Many of the players were in the Dutch squad that won the bronze medal at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm.

J.A. van Beek (Frisia Leeuwarden)
C. Bekker (H.B.S. Den Haag)
A.R.C. Bijvoet (D.F.C. Dordrecht)
P. Boekmans ter Spill (H.F.C. Haarlem)
W. Boerdam (Sparta Rotterdam)
L. Bosschart (Quick Den Haag)
P. Bouman Jr. (D.F.C. Dordrecht)
J.W. Boutmij (H.B.S. Den Haag)
Nico Bouvy (D.F.C. Dordrecht)
G. Bouwmeester (Haarlem)
C.R. ten Cate (H.B.S. Den Haag)
G. Fortgens (Ajax Amsterdam)
V.A. Gonsalves (H.B.S. Den Haag)
H. de Groot (Sparta Rotterdam)
G. van Hekking Colenbrander (Velocitas Breda)
B.A. van Hemert (D.F.C. Dordrecht)
Mr. J.C. Heyning (H.V.V. Den Haag)
Anton Hörburger (V.O.C. Rotterdam)
Arnold Horbiger (V.O.C. Rotterdam)
H.J.M. Jurgens (Sparta Rotterdam)
J. M. de Korver (Sparta Rotterdam)
C.E. van Nieuwenhuizen (Sparta Rotterdam)
A.F.M. van Renterghem (H.B.S. Den Haag)
J. van der Sluys (V.O.C. Rotterdam)
Mr. E. Sol (H.V.V. Den Haag)
Jan Thomee (Concordia Delft)
J. Vos (U.V.V. Utrecht)
Mr. J.H. Welcher (Quick Den Haag)
N. de Wolf (Haarlem Haarlem)
D. Wijnveldt (U.D. Deventer)


  1. I have 11 of these players but the names at the bottom of the card are in a script font. Curious if they are of the same issue.

    1. That's interesting, can you supply scans? I must admit I am not anywhere near an expert on these cards.



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