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Topps (Italy) - Calcio Chipz 2009

Calcio Chipz 2009
220 chipz

Ferreira Pinto (Superstar) (Atalanta)
Bellini (Atalanta)
Manfredini (Atalanta)
Padoin (Atalanta)
Rivalta (Atalanta)
Vieri (Atalanta)
Coppola (Atalanta)
Talamonti (Atalanta)
Floccari (Atalanta)
Doni (Atalanta)
Cigarini (Atalanta)

Castellini (Bologna)
Zenoni (Bologna)
Marazzina (Superstar) (Bologna)
Terzi (Bolgna)
Mingazzini (Bologna)
Mudingayi (Bologna)
Valiani (Bologna)
Di Vaio (Bologna)
Rodriguez (Bologna)
Antonioli (Bologna)
Volpi (Bologna)

Amoruso (Tornio)
Barone (Tornio)
Corini (Tornio)
Di Loreto (Tornio)
Diana (Tornio)
Pisano (Tornio)
Rosina (Superstar) (Tornio)
Sereni (Tornio)
Zanetti (Tornio)
Samuel (Tornio)

Marchetti (Cagliari)
Pisano (Cagliari)
Canini (Cagliari)
Lopez (Cagliari)
Agostini (Cagliari)
Fini (Superstar) (Cagliari)
Conti (Cagliari)
Parola (Cagliari)
Cossu  (Cagliari)
Matri (Cagliari)
Acquafreca (Cagliari)

Bizzarri (Catania)
Silvestri (Catania)
Stovini (Catania)
Terlizzi (Catania)
Sabato (Catania)
Tedesco (Catania)
Ledesma (Catania)
Dica (Catania)
Biagianti (Catania)
Paolucci (Catania)
Mascara (Superstar) (Catania)

Pellissier (Superstar) (Chievo Verona)
Marcolini (Chievo Verona)
Bentivoglio (Chievo Verona)
Iunco (Chievo Verona)
Luciano (Chievo Verona)
Mantovani (Chievo Verona)
Sorrentino (Chievo Verona)
Cesar (Chievo Verona)
Mandelli (Chievo Verona)
Malago (Chievo Verona)
Italiano (Chievo Verona)

Frey (Fiorentina)
Mutu (Superstar) (Fiorentina)
Donadel (Fiorentina)
Gamberini (Fiorentina)
Gilardino (Fiorentina)
Melo (Fiorentina)
Montolivio (Fiorentina)
Vargas (Fiorentina)
Zauri (Fiorentina)
Kroldrup (Fiorentina)
Kuzmanovic (Fiorentina)

Criscito (Genoa)
Ferrari (Genoa)
Juric (Genoa)
Kuzmanovic (Genoa)
Milanetto (Genoa)
Milito (Genoa)
Palladino (Genoa)
Potenza (Genoa)
Rossi (Genoa)
Sculli (Superstar) (Genoa)
Rubinho (Genoa)

Julio Cesar (Inter)
Maicon (Inter)
Chivu (Inter)
Materazzi (Inter)
Maxwell (Inter)
Cambiasso (Inter)
Viera (Inter)
Quaresma (Superstar) (Inter)
Cruz (Inter)
Ibrahimovic (Inter)
Zanetti (Inter)

Buffon (Juventus)
Sissoko (Juventus)
Poulsen (Juventus)
Nedved (Juventus)
Del Piero (Juventus)
Amauri (Superstar) (Juventus)
Chiellini (Juventus)
Mellberg (Juventus)
Molinaro (Juventus)
Poulsen (Juventus)
Sissoko (Juventus)

Brocchi (Lazio)
Carrizo (Lazio)
Cribari (Lazio)
Kolarov (Lazio)
Ledesma (Superstar) (Lazio)
Lichtsteiner (Lazio)
Mauri (Lazio)
Rozenhal (Lazio)
Rocchi (Lazio)
Pandev (Lazio)
Manfredini (Lazio)

Tiribocchi (Superstar) (Lecce)
Fabiano (Lecce)
Caserta (Lecce)
Zanchetta (Lecce)
Ariatti (Lecce)
Esposito (Lecce)
Guiliatto (Lecce)
Munari (Lecce)
Cacia (Lecce)
Benussi (Lecce)

Abbiati (Milan)
Flamini (Milan)
Maldini (Milan)
Zambrotta (Milan)
Nesta (Milan)
Ronaldinho (Milan)
Kakà (Milan)
Andrea Pirlo (Superstar) (Milan)
Gattuso (Milan)
Inzaghi (Milan)
Jankulovsky (Milan)

Iezzo (Napoli)
Maggio (Napoli)
Cannavaro (Napoli)
Contini (Napoli)
Rinaudo (Napoli)
Blasi (Napoli)
Gargano (Napoli)
Hamsik (Napoli)
Bogliacino (Napoli)
Denis (Napoli)
Lavezzi (Superstar) (Napoli) 

Lanzafame (Palermo)
Balzaretti (Palermo)
Amelia (Palermo)
Carrozzieri (Palermo)
Guana (Palermo)
Liverani (Palermo)
Miccoli (Superstar) (Palermo) 
Migliaccio (Palermo)
Nocerino (Palermo)
Raggi (Palermo)
Bovo (Palermo)

Corradi (Reggina)
Barreto (Superstar) (Reggina)
Cirillo (Reggina)
Costa (Reggina)
Cozza (Reggina)
Hallfredsson (Reggina)
Campagnolo (Reggina)
Valdez (Reggina)
Lanzaro (Reggina)
Tognozzi (Reggina)
Vigiani (Reggina)

Doni (Roma)
Riise (Roma)
Mexes (Roma)
Juan (Roma)
Cicinho (Roma)
Perrotta (Roma)
Pizzarro (Roma)
De Rossi (Roma)
Taddei (Roma)
Totti  (Roma)
Vucinic (Superstar) (Roma)

Calcio Chipz 2009 - Sampdoria 
Merlin / Topps
220 stickers

Stankevicius (Sampdoria)
Accardi (Sampdoria)
Castellazzi (Sampdoria)
Campagnaro (Sampdoria)
Cassano (Superstar) (Sampdoria)
Delvecchio (Sampdoria)
Franceschini (Sampdoria)
Gastadello (Sampdoria)
Palombo (Sampdoria)
Sammarco (Sampdoria)
Belluci (Sampdoria)

Curci (Siena)
Ficagna (Siena)
Kharja (Siena)
Rossi (Siena)
Frick (Siena)
Portanova (Superstar) (Siena)
Galloppa (Siena)
Codrea (Siena)
Rosettini (Siena)
Vargassola (Siena)
Maccarone (Siena)

Amoruso (Tornio)
Barone (Tornio)
Corini (Tornio)
Di Loreto (Tornio)
Diana (Tornio)
Pisano (Tornio)
Rosina (Superstar) (Tornio)
Sereni (Tornio)
Zanetti (Tornio)
Samuel (Tornio)
Di Natali (Tornio)

Calcio Chipz 2009 - Udinese 
Merlin / Topps
220 stickers

Handanovic (Udinese)
Motta (Udinese)
Coda (Udinese)
Zapata (Udinese)
Lukovic (Udinese)
Inler (Udinese)
D'Agostino (Udinese)
Tissone (Udinese)
Pepe (Udinese)
Quagliarella (Udinese)
Di Natale (Superstar) (Udinese)

Calcio Chipz 2009 - Limited edition - Oro (Gold)
20 chipz

Ferreira Pinto
Di Natale

Calcio Chipz 2009 - Special
1 chipz

David Beckham


  1. These are really interesting as they use the same gameplay approach as Match Attax - maybe not surprising as they're both Topps products.

    What I've been able to find out is that there are four seasons' worth of the Chipz, although they seem to be a natural successor to the Merlin Zoinks:

    While the Zoinks had all of the player ratings and position info on the rear, the ratings at least are on the front of the Chipz. The four seasons are:

    Generally white text with the ratings on blue and green hexagonal backgrounds. There are 11 players per team with each team then having two Uomo Partita (Man of the Match) tokens. In addition, there is a special David Beckham chip as well. One player in each team has a limited edition gold variant that doesn't change the ratings from the base.

    Chipz in this season have the ratings in red. Again, there are 11 players per team and in this season I can only find evidence of one Uomo Partita per club. However, I have found three 100 Club tokens in this season (Diego, Eto'o and Pato) although there may be more (other 100 Clubs may or may not end in 'o').

    Ratings in this season are in blue (DEF) and red (ATT) text. This is the first season where the Chipz are numbered. Each team now only has 7 players as part of the base set. Each team then has one Uomo Partita. There are 5 100 Clubs (Milito, Chiellini, Ibrahimovic, Pastore and Julio Sergio), 10 managers and three limited editions (Maicon, Krasic and Ibrahimovic again).

    This is the final season I can find. Ratings are in green (DEF) and blue (ATT) text and again this release is numbered. In addition to the 120 base tokens, each team has one captain chip and a Uomo Partita. There are 4 or 5 100 Clubs (I've only been able to find 2 - Cavani and Pastore); 10 managers and at least 6 Tri Bombers (hat-trick hero equivalents). I've found 1 limited edition - Vucinic although there may be more.

    There are a few Chipz that I'm really keen to find images of if anyone can help:
    Ibrahimovic (Inter)
    Ronaldinho (Milan)

    Barone (Cagliari)
    Amelia (Genoa)
    Ronaldinho (Milan)
    Thiago Silva (Milan)
    Galloppa (Parma)
    Paloschi (Parma)
    Taddei (Roma)
    Rossettini (Siena)

    1. Hi Jon,

      Thank you for your comment, lots of good information. I've got the checklists for 2008-09 and 2009-10 collections on my blog. I only have a partial checklist for the 2010-11 chipz - I'll get this list on my blog later this week. I don't have any information on the 2011-12 collection but I will try and do some research on these too.


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