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Merlin (Italy) - Calcio 93 (Cards)

Calcio 93
54 cards

UPDATE (27-06-2017 16:06):  My original checklist was just a straight list of names. I had compiled it not long after the collection was released and I was only interested in recording the players names. Alex Shupenko has provided a detailed checklist via the 'Comments' feature at the bottom of this post and I am happy replace my list with his.

Calcio 93 - Gli Azzurri

1.  Demetrio Albertini (Italy)
2.  Roberto Baggio (Italy)
3.  Franco Baresi (Italy)
4.  Alessandro Bianchi (Italy)
5.  Pierluigi Casiraghi (Italy)
6.  Alessandro Costacurta (Italy)
7.  Roberto Donadoni (Italy)
8.  Alberigo Evani (Italy)
9.  Ciro Ferrara (Italy)
10.  Riccardo Ferri (Italy)
11.  Gianluigi Lentini (Italy)
12.  Paolo Maldini (Italy)
13.  Moreno Mannini (Italy)
14.  Gianluca Pagliuca (Italy)
15.  Giuseppe Signori (Italy)
16.  Gianluca Vialli (Italy)
17.  Walter Zenga (Italy)
18.  Gianfranco Zola (Italy)

Calcio 93 - I Capitani

19.  Massimo Gadda (Ancona)
20.  Luigino Pasciullo (Atalanta)
21.  Sergio Domini (Brescia)
22.  Gianfranco Matteoli (Cagliari)
23.  Stefano Pioli (Fiorentina)
24.  Francesco Mancini (Foggia)
25.  Gianluca Signorini (Genoa)
26.  Giuseppe Bergomi (Inter Milan)
27.  Roberto Baggio (Juventus)
28.  Angelo A. Gregucci (Lazio)
29.  Franco Baresi (Milan)
30.  Ciro Ferrara (Napoli)
31.  Lorenzo Minotti (Parma)
32.  Edi Bivi (Pescara)
33.  Giuseppe Giannini (Roma)
34.  Roberto Mancini (Sampdoria)
35.  Luca Fusi (Torino)
36.  Giuliano Giuliani (Udinese)

Calcio 93 - Supporter card

37.  Ancona
38.  Atalanta
39.  Brescia
40.  Cagliari
41.  Fiorentina
42.  Foggia
43.  Genoa
44.  Inter Milan
45.  Juventus
46.  Lazio
47.  Milan
48.  Napoli
49.  Parma
50.  Pescara
51.  Roma
52.  Sampdoria
53.  Torino
54.  Udinese


  1. 1 Demetrio Albertini Italy Gli Azzurri
    2 Roberto Baggio Italy Gli Azzurri
    3 Franco Baresi Italy Gli Azzurri
    4 Alessandro Bianchi Italy Gli Azzurri
    5 Pierluigi Casiraghi Italy Gli Azzurri
    6 Alessandro Costacurta Italy Gli Azzurri
    7 Roberto Donadoni Italy Gli Azzurri
    8 Alberigo Evani Italy Gli Azzurri
    9 Ciro Ferrara Italy Gli Azzurri
    10 Riccardo Ferri Italy Gli Azzurri
    11 Gianluigi Lentini Italy Gli Azzurri
    12 Paolo Maldini Italy Gli Azzurri
    13 Moreno Mannini Italy Gli Azzurri
    14 Gianluca Pagliuca Italy Gli Azzurri
    15 Giuseppe Signori Italy Gli Azzurri
    16 Gianluca Vialli Italy Gli Azzurri
    17 Walter Zenga Italy Gli Azzurri
    18 Gianfranco Zola Italy Gli Azzurri
    19 Massimo Gadda Ancona I Capitani
    20 Luigino Pasciullo Atalanta I Capitani
    21 Sergio Domini Brescia I Capitani
    22 Gianfranco Matteoli Cagliari I Capitani
    23 Stefano Pioli Fiorentina I Capitani
    24 Francesco Mancini Foggia I Capitani
    25 Gianluca Signorini Genoa I Capitani
    26 Giuseppe Bergomi Inter Milan I Capitani
    27 Roberto Baggio Juventus I Capitani
    28 Angelo A. Gregucci Lazio I Capitani
    29 Franco Baresi Milan I Capitani
    30 Ciro Ferrara Napoli I Capitani
    31 Lorenzo Minotti Parma I Capitani
    32 Edi Bivi Pescara I Capitani
    33 Giuseppe Giannini Roma I Capitani
    34 Roberto Mancini Sampdoria I Capitani
    35 Luca Fusi Torino I Capitani
    36 Giuliano Giuliani Udinese I Capitani
    37 Ancona Ancona Supporter card
    38 Atalanta Atalanta Supporter card
    39 Brescia Brescia Supporter card
    40 Cagliari Cagliari Supporter card
    41 Fiorentina Fiorentina Supporter card
    42 Foggia Foggia Supporter card
    43 Genoa Genoa Supporter card
    44 Inter Milan Inter Milan Supporter card
    45 Juventus Juventus Supporter card
    46 Lazio Lazio Supporter card
    47 Milan Milan Supporter card
    48 Napoli Napoli Supporter card
    49 Parma Parma Supporter card
    50 Pescara Pescara Supporter card
    51 Roma Roma Supporter card
    52 Sampdoria Sampdoria Supporter card
    53 Torino Torino Supporter card
    54 Udinese Udinese Supporter card

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thank you very much for the updated list. I compiled mine pver 20 years ago and at that time I wasn't too bothered with the extra information, I just needed the players names.

      I will updated the checklist to include all the information you've provided.

      Thank you very much for your help,



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