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Scanlens Sweets - (SC2-21-1) Phillips Soccer League (1978)

(SC2-21-1) Phillips Soccer League
Scanlens Sweets
120 cards

The backs of the cards, when placed together in the right order,  form two larger photos, an Australian National team photo and a scene from an Australian international match.
UPDATE (18-032-2020 18:29):  Chris Kunz has informed me that the second puzzle wasn't a scene from an Australian international match, it was from the 1977 Phillips Soccer League game at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, between West Adelaide and Canberra City, with West Adelaide attacking the Canberra goal. 

1.  Frank Lister (Adelaide City)
2.  John Deans (Adelaide City)
3.  John Perin (Adelaide City)
4.  Roger Romanowicz (Adelaide City)
5.  Peter Marshal (Adelaide City)
6.  Fred Yung (Adelaide City)
7.  Zoran Matic (Adelaide City)
8.  Sergio Melta (Adelaide City)
9.  John Besir (Adelaide City)
10.  Brian Northcote (Adelaide City)
11.  Tom McLeod (Brisbane City)
12.  Roberto Echeverria (Brisbane City)
13.  Peter Tokesi (Brisbane City)
14.  Frank Pimblett (Brisbane City)
15.  Larry Gaffney (Brisbane City)
16.  John Lavelle (Brisbane City)
17.  John Coyne (Brisbane City)
18.  Kevin Caldwell (Brisbane City)
19.  Kim Wishart (Brisbane City)
20.  Colin Bennett (Brisbane Lions)
21.  John Neale (Brisbane Lions)
22.  George Potter (Brisbane Lions)
23.  Ian Fagan (Brisbane Lions)
24.  Eddie Spearritt (Brisbane Lions)
25.  Alan Hughes (Brisbane Lions)
26.  Roddy McKenzie (Brisbane Lions)
27.  Brian Stoddart (Canberra City)
28.  Steven Hogg (Canberra City)
29.  Mike Milanovic (Canberra City)
30.  Danny Moulis (Canberra City)
31.  Jimmy Cant (Canberra City)
32.  Ivan Grucic (Canberra City)
33.  David Linden Mayer (Canberra City)
34.  John Brown (Canberra City)
35.  Victor Fernandez (Canberra City)
36.  Arthur MacMillan (Fitzroy)
37.  James O'Rielly (Fitzroy)
38.  Gary Cole (Fitzroy)
39.  Andrew Bozikas (Fitzroy)
40.  Branko Buljevic (Fitzroy)
41.  James Campbell (Fitzroy)
42.  Kenny Taylor (Fitzroy)
43.  Peter Blasby (Fitzroy)
44.  Robert Provan (Fitzroy)
45.  James Kiriaris (Footscray)
46.  Jim Kondarios (Footscray)
47.  Frank Micic (Footscray)
48.  Mendo Ristovski (Footscray)
49.  Joseph Picioane (Footscray)
50.  John Nikolaidis (Footscray)
51.  Dragan Vasic (Footscray)
52.  Dennis Boland (Footscray)
53.  Allan Parrott (Footscray)
54.  Henry Mowbray (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
55.  Terry Smith (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
56.  Murray Barnes (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
57.  Eddie Thomson (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
58.  Joe Watson (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
59.  John Stevenson (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
60.  Kevin Mullen (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
61.  Steve O'Connor (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
62.  Hilton Silva (Eastern Suburbs Hakoah)
63.  Peter Sharne (Marconi)
64.  Ray Richards (Marconi)
65.  Allan Maher (Marconi)
66.  Gary Byrne (Marconi)
67.  Ivo Prskalo (Marconi)
68.  Paul Degney (Marconi)
69.  Ritchie Williams (Marconi)
70.  John Russell (Marconi)
71.  Bertie Mariani (Marconi)
72.  Stuart Selvage (Marconi)
73.  Ray Baartz (Newcastle United)
74.  Neil Endacott (Newcastle United)
75.  John Sneddon (Newcastle United)
76.  Slave Gatalovski (Newcastle United)
77.  Alan Vest (Newcastle United)
78.  Athas Xanthopoulos (South Melbourne)
79.  Graham French (South Melbourne)
80.  Chris Kalifatidis (South Melbourne)
81.  Mike Pye (South Melbourne)
82.  John Daperis (South Melbourne)
83.  Mike Hatzimanouel (South Melbourne)
84.  Chris Kent (South Melbourne)
85.  Phil O'Connor (St. George)
86.  Harry Williams (St. George)
87.  Rudolfo Gnavi (St. George)
88.  Neville Morgan (St. George)
89.  George Harris (St. George)
90.  Robert O'Shea (St. George)
91.  Brendan Grosse (St. George)
92.  Martin Coe (St. George)
93.  John O'Shea (St. George)
94.  George Gibson (Sydney Olympic)
95.  Bill Pirrie  (Sydney Olympic)
96.  Ritchie Bell (Sydney Olympic)
97.  Gary Meier (Sydney Olympic)
98.  Don Allen (Sydney Olympic)
99.  Mike Cross (Sydney Olympic)
100.  Paul Luckett (Sydney Olympic)
101.  David McIntosh (Sydney Olympic)
102.  Bill Palmer (Sydney Olympic)
103.  Paul Cotton (Sydney Olympic)
104.  Peter Wilson (Western Suburbs)
105.  Peter Stone (Western Suburbs)
106.  Col Curran (Western Suburbs)
107.  Bobby Noble (Western Suburbs)
108.  Alan Fisher (Western Suburbs)
109.  Terry Eaton (Western Suburbs)
110.  Clive Eaton (Western Suburbs)
111.  Warren Turnbull (Western Suburbs)
112.  Graham Honeyman (West Adelaide)
113.  Ian McGregor (West Adelaide)
114.  Gordon McCulloch (West Adelaide)
115.  Barry Reynolds (West Adelaide)
116.  David Jones (West Adelaide)
117.  Peter Boyle (West Adelaide)
118.  Steve Amos (West Adelaide)
119.  Alex Zervas (West Adelaide)
120.  Neil McGachey (West Adelaide)

(SC2-21-1) Phillips Soccer League - Checklist cards

Adelaide City
Brisbane City
Brisbane Lions
Canberra City
Eastern Suburbs Hakoah
Newcastle United
South Melbourne
St. George
Sydney Olympic
West Adelaide
Western Suburbs

(SC2-21-1) Phillips Soccer League - Competiton card

Competiton card

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