Wednesday 21 June 2017

A&BC - (AAB-400/ABF-51-1) Footballers - 1st/2nd Series - 1973-74 Blue backs (03) - Variation - 182

(AAB-400/ABF-51-1) Footballers - 1st/2nd Series - Blue backs
A&BC Chewing Gum
261 cards

There are two different versions of the Series Two Checklist card. The error card lists cards up to an including card no. 264. The later corrected card lists cards up to and including card no. 261. Between the two cards there are a number of discrepancies in the checklists, as listed here. Unfortunately I don't have a decent scan of the back of the one that lists cards up to no. 264.
UPDATE (21-06-2017 19:08):  John Cross has very kindly supplied a scan of the reverse of the 264 card version of the checklist.

(AAB-400-1b/ABF-51-1-1) Footballers - 2nd Series - Blue backs - card no. 182 (132-264) - INCORRECT LISTING

138.  Johnny Giles (Leeds United)
160.  Lou Macari (Manchester United)
184.  Jim Holton (Manchester United)
189.  Colin Suggett (West Bromwich Albion, transferred to Norwich City)
193.  Roger Davies (Derby County)
211.  Colin Stein (Coventry City, transferred to Rangers)
235.  John Craven (Crystal Palace, transferred to Coventry City)
237.  Trevor Hockey (Norwich City, transferred to Aston Villa)
262.  George Armstrong (Arsenal)
263.  Marvin Hinton (Chelsea)
264.  Billy Ingham (Burnley)

(AAB-400-1b/ABF-51-1-1) Footballers - 2nd Series - Blue backs - card no. 182 (132-261) - CORRECT LISTING

138.  Paul Reaney (Leeds United)
160.  Sammy McIlroy (Manchester United)
184.  Jimmy Rimmer (Manchester United)
189.  George Armstrong (Arsenal)
193.  Terry Hennessey (Derby County)
211.  Bobby Parker (Coventry City)
235.  Marvin Hinton (Chelsea)
237.  Kevin Keelan (Norwich City)

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