Sunday, 21 May 2017

Panini (Switzerland) - Foot Cards 97-98

Foot Cards 97-98
111 cards

I only have a partial checklist for this collection. If you can help to complete it please get in touch by e-mail or by leaving a comment below.

9/111.  Eric Pédat (Servette FC)
35/111.  Juarez De Souza (Servette FC)
36/111.  Jean-Philippe Karlen (Servette FC)
49/111.  Johan Lonfat (FC Sion)
50/111.  Luiz Milton (FC Sion)
69/111.  Mario Cantaluppi (Servette FC)
70/111.  Franck Durix (Servette FC)
71/111.  Sébastien Fournier (Servette FC)
72/111.  Patrick Müller (Servette FC)
97/111.  Luca Ippoliti (Servette FC)
98/111.  Alexandre Rey (Servette FC)
99/111.  David Sesa (Servette FC)
100/111.  Checklist
102/111.  Emblem / Team Photo (Football Club Aarau)
103/111.  Emblem / Team Photo (Étoile Carouge FC)
104/111.  Emblem / Team Photo (SC Kriens)
105/111.  Emblem / Team Photo (FC Lausanne Sports)
106/111.  Emblem / Team Photo (FC Luzern)
107/111.  Emblem / Team Photo (Neuchâtel Xamax)
108/111.  Emblem / Team Photo (Servette FC)
109/111.  Emblem / Team Photo (FC Sion)
110/111.  Emblem / Team Photo (FC St. Gallen)
111/111.  Emblem / Team Photo (Football Club Zürich)

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