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Nimbus (Switzerland) - Fussball Spieler in Aktion / Vedettes du Football en Action 72/73

Fussball Spieler in Aktion / Vedettes du Football en Action 72/73
218 stickers

I think this is probably the second season that Nimbus produced albums for the Swiss League as I know there is a collection for 1971/72. The album looks familar as it's similar to albums issued by F.K.S. (U.K.), AGEducatifs (France), Vanderhout International (Belgium and Netherlands), Clube do Cromo (Portugal) and Fher (Spain). It is not a complete checklist as four teams are missing. I'm not sure how many stickers are in the collection, there are 154 listed and there are between 14 and 16 stickers per team, so that would mean a maximum of 218 stickers.

Walter Balmer (Fussball-Club Basel)
Otto Demarmels (Fussball-Club Basel)
Paul Fischli (Fussball-Club Basel)
René Hasler (Fussball-Club Basel)
Ottmar Hitzfeld (Fussball-Club Basel)
Josef Kiefer (Fussball-Club Basel)
Marcel Kunz (Fussball-Club Basel)
Jean-Paul Laufenburger (Fussball-Club Basel)
Walter Mundschin (Fussball-Club Basel)
Karl Odermatt (Fussball-Club Basel)
Bruno Rahmen (Fussball-Club Basel)
Peter Ramseier (Fussball-Club Basel)
Rolf Riner (Fussball-Club Basel)
Urs Siegenthaler (Fussball-Club Basel)
Jörg Stohler (Fussball-Club Basel)
Peter Wenger (Fussball-Club Basel)

FC La Chaux-de-Fonds

FC Chiasso

Jan Andersen (Football-Club Fribourg)
Jean-Bernard Auderset (Football-Club Fribourg)
Gilbert Birbaum (Football-Club Fribourg)
Roger Corminbœef (Football-Club Fribourg)
Jean-François Cotting (Football-Club Fribourg)
Michelangelo Cremona (Football-Club Fribourg)
Roland Dafflon (Football-Club Fribourg)
Konrad Holenstein (Football-Club Fribourg)
Josef Jost (Football-Club Fribourg)
Urs Knuchel (Football-Club Fribourg)
Charles Kvincinsky (Football-Club Fribourg)
Martin Meier (Football-Club Fribourg)
Jean-Jacques Matrailler (Football-Club Fribourg)
François Mollard (Football-Club Fribourg)
Rudolf Salzberger (Football-Club Fribourg)
Guy-Noël Siffert (Football-Club Fribourg)

Heinz Bigler (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Rolf Blättler (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Kurt Brander (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Isidor Cina (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Peter Güggi (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Jost Leuzinger (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Hanspeter Luder (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Bertram Mogg (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Daniel Monnard (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Günther Nasdalla (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Zeljko Perusic (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Markus Pfirter (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Fritz Rafreider (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Heinz Rütti (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)
Karl Strässle (Fussball-Club St. Gallen)

Roger Berbig (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Roland Citherlet (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
René Deck (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Herbert Dimmeler (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Ruedi Elsener (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Frady Gröbli (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Christian Gross (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Max Malzacher (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Peter Meier (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
André Meyer (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Kurt Müller (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Hans Niggl (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Räiner Ohlhauser (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Ruedi Schneeberger (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Hansreudi Staudemann (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)
Christian Winiger (Grasshopper-Club Zürich)

Klaus-Jürgen Braun (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Martin Von Burg (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Max Feuz (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Rolf Feuz (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Pius Fischbach (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
René Hirt (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Beat Iten (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Jean-Pierre Maradan (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Robert Müller (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Rolf Obrecht (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Heinz Rebmann (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Hans Ruch (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Mario Salzmann (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Peter Schaller (Fussball-Club Grenchen)
Markus Scheller (Fussball-Club Grenchen)

Eric Byrgener (Lausanne-Sports)
Yvan Cuénoud (Lausanne-Sports)
Franco Cuccinotta (Lausanne-Sports)
Jacky Ducret (Lausanne-Sports)
Daniel Dufour (Lausanne-Sports)
Georges Favre (Lausanne-Sports)
Ruben Garcis (Lausanne-Sports)
Ove Grahn (Lausanne-Sports)
José Grobet (Lausanne-Sports)
Ueli Guggisberg (Lausanne-Sports)
Jean-Paul Loichat (Lausanne-Sports)
Marcel Parietti (Lausanne-Sports)
Roger Piccand (Lausanne-Sports)
Pierre Richard (Lausanne-Sports)
Georges Vuilleumier (Lausanne-Sports)

Corrado Arigoni (Football-Club Lugano)
Antonio Bettosini (Football-Club Lugano)
Bruno Beyeler (Football-Club Lugano)
Fulvio Binetti (Football-Club Lugano)
Vincenzo Brenna (Football-Club Lugano)
Alberto Cianola (Football-Club Lugano)
Leo Francheschi (Football-Club Lugano)
Piermario Lanfranconi (Football-Club Lugano)
Sergio Locatelli (Football-Club Lugano)
Otto Luttrop (Football-Club Lugano)
Renato Pellegrini (Football-Club Lugano)
Mario Prosperi (Football-Club Lugano)
Michele Rebozzi (Football-Club Lugano)
Theo Rielander (Football-Club Lugano)

Jean-Pierre Blanchoud (Servette Football-Club)
Aldo Brignolo (Servette Football-Club)
Christian Burgdorfer (Servette Football-Club)
Gerard Castella (Servette Football-Club)
Roger Defago (Servette Football-Club)
Bernd Dörfel (Servette Football-Club)
Gilbert Guyot (Servette Football-Club)
Christian Henri (Servette Football-Club)
Franco Marchi (Servette Football-Club)
Jean-Luc Martin (Servette Football-Club)
Christian Morgenegg (Servette Football-Club)
Valer Nemeth (Servette Football-Club)
HansJörg Pfixter (Servette Football-Club)
Marc Schnyder (Servette Football-Club)
Jürgen Sundermann (Servette Football-Club)
Ueli Wegmann (Servette Football-Club)

FC Sion

FC Winterthur

Peter Anderegg (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Pier-Angelo Boffi (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Hans Bosshard (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Jakob Brechbühl (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Jean-Claude Bruttin (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Marcel Cornioley (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Walter Eichenberger (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Anton Hug (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Hanspeter Latour (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Otto Messerli (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Serge Muhmenthaler (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Hans-Otto Peters (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Hanspeter Schild (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Ernst Schmocker (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Lambertus Theunissen (BSC Young Boys Bern)
Rolf Vögeli (BSC Young Boys Bern)

Renzo Bionda (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Rudi Brunnenmeier (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Heinz Ernst (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Karl Grob (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Max Heer (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Hanspeter Janser (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Daniel Jeandupeux (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Timo Konietzka (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Jakob Kuhn (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Fritz Künzli (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Peter Marti (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Rosario Martinelli (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Hubert Münch (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Pirmin Stierli (Fussball-Club Zürich)
Hilmar Zigerlig (Fussball-Club Zürich)

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