Friday, 14 April 2017

Ülker - Final 94

Final 94
40 wrappers

Not quite a complete checklist - there's one player missing - wrapper no. 7.

UPDATE (14-04-2017 19:48):  Dmitriy Lutchenko has provided the name of the missing player to complete this checklist and also included a scan of the wrapper which I've included above.

1.  Gianluca Berti (Italy)

2.  Team Photo (Brazil)
3.  Rino Gandini (Italy)
4.  Team Photo (U.S.A.)
5.  Roberto Baggio (Italy)
6.  Team Photo (Cameroon)
7.  David Baleri (Italy)   -   thanks to Dmitriy Lutchenko
8.  Team Photo (Bulgaria)
9.  Team Photo (Norway)
10.  Team Photo (Sweden)
11.  Thomas Brolin (Sweden)
12.  Team Photo (Italy)
13.  Antonio Conte (Italy)
14.  Team Photo (Russia)
15.  Socrates (Brazil)
16.  Team Photo (Ireland)
17.  Matteo Villa (Italy)
18.  Team Photo (Mexico)
19.  Team Photo (Nigeria)
20.  Team Photo (Bolivia)
21.  Valerio Gazzani (Italy)
22.  Team Photo (Romania)
23.  Jostein Flo (Norway)
24.  Team Photo (South Korea)
25.  Tahar El Khalej (Morocco)
26.  Team Photo (Colombia)
27.  Lorenzo Staelens (Belgium)
28.  Team Photo (Spain)
29.  Team Photo (Argentina)
30.  Team Photo (Saudi Arabia)
31.  Antonio Aloisi (Italy)
32.  Team Photo (Greece)
33.  Robert Koeman (Holland) sic - Ronald Koeman
34.  Team Photo (Holland)
35.  Roberto Bordin (Italy)
36.  Team Photo (Germany)
37.  Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria)
38.  Team Photo (Belgium)
39.  Team Photo (Morocco)
40.  Team Photo (Switzerland)


  1. Such a great collection! I recently remembered it and made a few photos in order to upload them in a FB community about retro football I follow.

    Actually, I was not sure if I had the whole collection (I was just 7 in 1994), so I googled a few resources to make sure these forty pictures cover the whole thing. That's why how I stumbled upon your blog.

    Btw, this is the first and only full collection from bubble gums I have. Even though as every regular kid I used to collect any type of bubble gums available then- mainly with cars (Turbo).

    Here is a screenshot with all the picture from this Ulker `94 collection:
    If you would like me to sent you a specific picture from that collection, let me know (If I understood correctly you have only the names currently + those 3 pics in this post)

    Congrats for the great blog, Alan. I am actually going to launch a similar website soon. We have a football quiz in my town with some great questions once every two weeks, and currently I keep a record with all these 1000+ questions (some of them are about past events dating back to the first world cup, others are as recent as the 1/4 finals of the CL 2018).

    So, if you are interested in any kind of collaboration we can figure out between the two sites or would like to chat/share few football trivia questions let me know :)


    Ognian Mikov SEO Manager,

    1. Hi Ognian,

      Thank you for taking the time to get in touch, I'm really glad you found what you were looking for.Most of the things on my blog are not in my collection, my own collection is rather small these days as I downsized some years ago. The blog is just a way of sharing some of the information I have gathered in nearly 40 years of collecting football cards and stickers.

      It's nice to see the full set of the Final'94 wrappers, thank you for sharing the link. Please let me know when your website is up and running.

      Kind regards,



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