Thursday 9 February 2017

Futera - Manchester United F.C. - The Treble

Manchester United F.C. - The Treble
Futera Platinum
14 cards

The cards can be found numbered 1 to 14 and also numbered TRL1 to TRL14, with different images. Unfortunately my notes don't include any further information. I've added a link to the post showing the XL card.
UPDATE (01-06-2020 23:31):  Cards can also be found stamped 'Promotional Card Only' on the back.

Manchester United F.C. - The Treble
Manchester United F.C. - The Treble - Gold Gilt Edged
Manchester United F.C. - The Treble - 'Promotional Card Only'

1.  Teddy Sheringham
2.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
3.  Paul Scholes
4.  Roy Keane
5.  Andy Cole
6.  Wesley Brown
7.  David Beckham
8.  Gary Neville
9.  Jaap Stam
10.  Ronny Johnsen
11.  Ryan Giggs
12.  Denis Irwin
13.  Dwight Yorke
14.  Peter Schmeichel 

TRL1.  Teddy Sheringham
TRL2.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
TRL3.  Paul Scholes
TRL4.  Roy Keane
TRL5.  Andy Cole
TRL6.  Wesley Brown
TRL7.  David Beckham
TRL8.  Gary Neville
TRL9.  Jaap Stam
TRL10.  Ronny Johnsen
TRL11.  Ryan Giggs
TRL12.  Denis Irwin
TRL13.  Dwight Yorke
TRL14.  Peter Schmeichel 

Manchester United F.C. - The Treble  - XL card
Manchester United F.C. - The Treble  - XL card - Gold Gilt Edged

Alex Ferguson, Roy Keane, David Beckham


  1. the card in the middle is fake card ,they only made the one image, and the total of 1999 cards not 1100 , its made after 2018 and is different paper and you see the shadow is on the hole back of Giggs and hutch darker then in 1999 ,

    1. That's interesting, I must admit I don't know enough to comment. I think I had all three of these cards when I was collecting Ryan Giggs stuff and I sold my Giggs collection about 15 years ago. Even if my memory if playing tricks the TRL card couldn't have been made after 2018 as I published this checklist in February 2017.


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