Thursday 5 January 2017

John Sinclair Ltd. - Football Favourites (1906) (02) - Middlesboro A.F.C.

Football Favourites
John Sinclair Ltd.
51 cards

Harry Greenmon has provided scans of all his Middlesbrough cards from this collection as proof that there are two different verions of this set, which probably accounts for the fact that there are two cards numbered 76 - Newcastle United players D. Pudan and J. Stewart. Harry is fortunate that the middlesbrough cards are easily distinguished, one printing states MIDDLESBORO' F.C. and the second printing states MIDDLESBORO A.F.C.  The other difference is the text size which is slightly larger in one version and the line is thicker.
The full checklist can be found here - John Sinclair Ltd. - Football Favourites (1906).

54.  R.G. Williamson (Middlesbrough)
55.  J. Watson (Middlesbrough)
56.  S. Aitken (Middlesbrough)
57.  J. Thackeray (Middlesbrough)
58.  S. Bloomer (Middlesbrough)
59.  Alf Common (Middlesbrough)
60.  A. Aitken (Middlesbrough)
61.  F. Wilcox (Middlesbrough)

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