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Fleetway Publications / Tiger - (FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger (1959-60)

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger
Fleetway Publications / Tiger
14 cards

Terry Wilson sent me an e-mail regarding the Aston Villa card in this collection and I realized that I hadn't included the checklist for this set. Tracking down the issue dates is something that's still on my "to-do" list, unless someone has this to hand...
UPDATE (23-12-2016 15:21):  Bob Thomas has provided the issue dates for these cards so I've had to shuffle them around a little to get them in the correct order.

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Aston Villa F.C.

P. Aldis, S. Lynn, J. Dugdale, W. Beaton, N. Sims, T. Birch, P. McParland, G. Hitchens, R. Shaw (Trainer), P. Saward, R. Thomson, V. Crowe, J. Dixon, L. Smith, Mr. J. Mercer (Trainer), J. Adam, J. Sewell, R. Wylie, J. Neale

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Blackburn Rovers F.C.

D. Dougan, M. Woods, H. Leyland, K. Taylor, D. Whelan, M. McGrath, B. Douglas, R. Vernon, R. Clayton, P. Dobing, A. MacLeod

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Blackpool F.C.

R. Gratrix, T. Garrett, J. Kelly, G. Farm, B. Martin, B. Snowdon, B. Peterson, J. Armfield, R. Charnley, J.  Mudie, H. Kelly, S. Matthews, P. Hauser, D. Durie, W. Perry, A. Kaye

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Cardiff City F.C.

J. Bonson, D. Malloy, R. Nicholls, A. Milne, C. Baker, D. Sullivan, W. Grant (Trainer), B. Walsh, D. Tapscott, R. Stitfall, R. Hewitt (now Wrexham), B. Jenkins

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Derby County F.C.

G. Barrowcliffe, A. Mays, R. Young, K. Oxford, M. Smith, A. Conwell, F. Upton, H. Storer (Manager), R. Swallow, J. Parry, J. Hannigan, G. Darwin, P. Thompson, R. Hann (Trainer), T. Powell, G. Davies, D. Cargill, G. Brown, 

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Dundee F.C.

Hamilton, Cox, Horsburgh, Curlett, Gabriel, Cowie, McGeachie, Bonthrone, Cousin, Henderson, H. Robertson

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Fulham F.C.

R. Bentley, A. Mullery, R. Lawler, E. Macedo, G. Cohen, J. Langley, A. Barton, I. Hill, M. Cook, J. Haynes, G. Leggat

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Hull City F.C.

F. Harrison, J. Davidson, C. Smith, W. Bly, B. Garvey, D. Durham, D. Clarke, W. Bradbury, P. Feasey, D. Coates, B. Bulliss

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Kilmarnock F.C.

O. Baillie, M. Watson, J. Brown, R. Kennedy, R. Dougan, A. MacKay, J. Copeland, R. Stewart, V. Wentzel, R. Black, W. McPike

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Manchester United F.C.

S. Brennan, R. Cope, I. Greaves, F. Goodwin, H. Gregg, A. Dawson, J. Shiels, W. Foulkes, J. Carolan, W. Bradley, W. McGuinness, D. Viollet, A. Quixall, R. Charlton, A. Scanlon

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Preston North End F.C.

F. O'Farrell, W. Cunningham, J. Dunn, F. Else, J. Walton, J. Smith, J. O'Neill, D. Mayers, T. Thompson, T. Finney, D. Hatsell, D. Sneddon, S. Taylor, 

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Stoke City F.C.

J. Conway, R. Meadows, E. Adams, D. Wilshaw, A. Allen, C. Thursfield, K. Clancy, A. Bentley, N. Tapkin (Trainer), R. Andrews, P. Ford, G. Hickson, W. Robertson, W. Hall, D. Ratcliffe, E. Rayner, J. King, F. Mountford (Asst. Trainer), Mr. F. Taylor (Manager), R. Howitt, R. Cairns, D. Newlands, K. Thompson, W. Asprey, F. Bowyer, A. Waddington (Asst. Manager), T. Ward, E. Skiels

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

J. Hollowbread, B. Brown, F. Smith, R. Reynolds, C. Brown, H. White, J. Brooks, R. Smith, M. Norman, T. Marchi, D. Mackay, T. Smith, J. Hills, D. Dunmore, J. Ryden, P. Baker, F. Teece, N. Lee, B. Wilkie, K. Barton, M. Hopkins, R. Henry, B. Aitchison, B. Dodge, T. Dyson, J. Fleming, T. Harmer, D. Blanchflower, C. Jones, G. Thomson, C. Brown, A. Reed, F. Sharpe

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) Football Teams - Tiger - West Bromwich Albion F.C.

R. Dixon, D. Howe, R. Robson, J. Kennedy, M. Setters, B. Hughes, R. Barlow, R. Cram, J. Crosby, R. Potter, D. Burnside, R. Graham (Trainer), D. Hogg, J. Dudley, A. Styles, J. Lovatt, G. Williams, Mr. G. Clark (Manager), D. Kevan, S. Williams, R. Allen, R. Hope, A. Jackson, K. Smith, B. Whitehouse, C. Drury

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) - Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 1  -  issued 31 October, 1959

Manchester United F.C.
Fulham F.C.
Dundee F.C.
West Bromwich Albion F.C.

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) - Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 2  -  issued 7 November, 1959

Blackburn Rovers F.C.
Stoke City F.C.

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) - Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 3  -  issued 14 November, 1959

Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
Kilmarnock F.C.

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) - Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 4  -  issued 21 November, 1959

Aston Villa F.C.
Cardiff City F.C.

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) - Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 5  -  issued 28 November, 1959

Preston North End F.C.
Hull City F.C.

(FLE-170-4/ZJ9-3-2-2) - Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 6  -  issued 5 December, 1959

Blackpool F.C.
Derby County F.C.

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