Saturday, 21 May 2016

Upper Deck - 1994 World Cup ~ English/Spanish (02) - Eoin Jess / Eion Jess

1994 World Cup - English/Spanish
Upper Deck
267 cards

The card on the left has Eoin Jess' name spelt incorrectly (Eion Jess) and the card on the right has his name spelt correctly. but these are not the same card. The card on the left is no. 292 and comes from the English/Spanish version which is a 330 card set. The other card is from a set of 267 cards, this one coming from the English/German version. This same card (no. 242) can also be found in the English/Italian, English/Japanese, French/Dutch and Spanish versions.

As far as I am aware the error card was never corrected.

292.  Eion Jess (Scotland)

1994 World Cup - English/Spanish

242.  Eoin Jess (Scotland)

1994 World Cup - English/German

1994 World Cup - English/Italian
1994 World Cup - English/Japanese
1994 World Cup - French/Dutch
1994 World Cup - Spanish

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