Monday 23 May 2016

Ogden's Cigarettes - Guinea Gold (Md) (03)

Guinea Gold (Md)
Ogden's Cigarettes
150 cards (47 footballers)

A couple of years ago a collector called Peter tried to compile an illustrated checklist for this collection. I had another look at the cards recently and found that there are two distinct sets in the original list of 47 cards. Most of the cards use vignettes and some show full pictures. The vignette cards have the captions printed tightly - narrowly spaced, while the captions on the other cards are wider spaced.
There are still a couple of cards missing. If anyone can help with photos of the missing cards please get in touch, they are: A.J. Gould & D.R. Gow (Sunderland), R. McNeill (Sunderland) and Jenkyns (Millwall Athletic).

Guinea Gold (Md) - Vignettes - Caption narrow spaced
39 cards

D. Allsopp (Notts Forest)
J. Banks (West Bromwich Albion)
A. Brady (Sheffield Wednesday)
H. Brandon (Sheffield Wednesday)
A. Brash (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Campbell (Sunderland)
Cathersmith (Aston Villa)  (sic)  -  C. Athersmith (Aston Villa)
R. Chatt (Aston Villa)
F.H. Crawshaw (Sheffield Wednesday)
H. Davis (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Devey (Aston Villa)
J.E. Doig (Sunderland)
W. Dunlop (Sunderland)
M.E. Earp (Sheffield Wednesday)
Evans (Aston Villa)
M. Ferguson (Sunderland)
W. Foulkeo (Sheffield United)  (sic) - W. Foulkes (Sheffield United)
J. Gillespie (Sunderland)
A. J. Gould, Capt. D.R.Gow (Sunderland)
D.R.Gow (Sunderland)
A. Hamilton (Sunderland)
J. Hannah (Sunderland)
J. Hernie (Sunderland)
T. Hislop (Stoke)
J. Hutchinson (West Bromwich Albion)
J. Jamieson (Sheffield Wednesday)
C. McGahey (Corinthians)
R. McNeill (Sunderland)
A. Montgomery (Bury)
W. Place Jun. (Bury)
W. Purviss (Small Heath)
H. Reay (Everton)
A. Scott (Notts. Forest)
J. Sharp (Preston North End)
G.O. Smith (Corinthlans)
S. Smith (Aston Villa)
F. Spikesley (Sheffield Wednesday)
W. Williams (West Bromwich Albion)
F. G. Wyllie (Bury)

Guinea Gold (Md) - Caption widely spaced
16 cards are listed in Half Time, but nine of them are rugby players.
8 cards

Barker (Corinthians)
W. J. Bassett (West Bromwich Albion)
H. Boyd (Woolwich Arsenal)
Cayhill (Woolwich Arsenal)
R. C. Gosling (Corinthians)
Jenkyns (Millwall Athletic)
J.L. Moon (Corinthians)
W.B. Stoddart (Liverpool) - English rugby international (Liverpool St Helens RFC)
W.A. Storer (Millwall Athletic)


  1. This is more of question than a comment, but I have looked at the Guinea Gold and Circus Girl sets and I am wondering if it is possible that the Guinea Gold (at least in part) predates the Circus Girl set? I am sure that the Circus Girl set dates to 1897 and was named after the Circus Girl play that started in late 1896 by the Gaiety Theater which was the name of the brand Cohen Weenen and Co. branded their cigarettes i.e. Gaiety Girl. However, I have found reference in 1898 of Ogden's claiming copyright for sole use of their images beginning in advertisements from 1898. This suggests that perhaps that Ogden's images were used by Cohen, Weenen and Co. but were stopped by Ogden's legal department and might explain the relatively short run of Circus Girl cards. However, this is just speculation and I would be curious to hear any information that can conclusively date both sets.

    1. Hi Leitchaj,

      That's fascinating. I must admit I don't know enough to comment. I hope others who are more familiar with these cards will be able add their thoughts.

  2. W. Foulkeo (Sheffield Wednesday) (sic) - W. Foulkes (Sheffield Wednesday) should be Sheffield United not Wednesday!

  3. Anyone know the value of the circus girl Arsenal Boyd card from 1897? I have one, thanks.


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