Sunday 20 March 2016

Panini - UEFA Euro 2016 France (06) - Albums

UEFA Euro 2016 France - Albums
Panini / Coca Cola
680 stickers

Here are images of the first few albums. If I get scans of any more albums that get released they will be featured in this post and additions will be noted in the 'Earlier Posts... Updated...' section to the right.
UPDATE (22-03-2016 11:39):  Free Belgium album added, it has no barcode and a yellow spine.
UPDATE (23-03-2016 14:28):  The front and back of the Swiss softcover album added along with the back of a German album.
UPDATE (29-03-2016 12:56):  The back of a Brazilian album added. The collection has been issued in a number of other countries including Greece and Mexico, but I haven't been able to find pictures yet.
UPDATE (31-03-2016 14:02):  Free Swiss album added (with yellow spine) along with two versions of the Russian album and the UK album.
UPDATE (31-03-2016 19:43):  Front cover of the Brazilian album added.
UPDATE (02-04-2016 09:25):  Spanish album added - the free version without barcode but it doesn't have a yellow spine.
UPDATE (05-04-2016 16:49):  Romania added.
UPDATE (06-4-2016 15:58):  Two Germany albums added - back covers of the free album and the hardcover album. Thanks to Wila75.
UPDATE (09-04-2016 20:17):  Free French version added, with a yellow spine and a red, white and blue cover.
UPDATE (10-04-2016 16:15):  The free version available in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia added.
UPDATE (16-04-2016 17:26):  The free version given away with The Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom.
UPDATE (17-04-2016 11:42):  Albanian album added.
UPDATE (22-04-2016 18:01):  Seven new albums have been added including two versions from Colombia, plus others from Bulgaria, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland. I've just added all these at the end of the previous batch. Thanks to Wila75 and Peter Farmer for help with some of these.
UPDATE (05-05-2016 11:57):  Three different Italian albums added - the regular album, the free album with the yellow spine and two pictures, front and back, of the hardcover album.
UPDATE (11-05-2016 13:42):  Central American album added. Looking at the flags on the small map on the back cover this album seems to cover Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and  Panama. Thanks to Peter Farmer for the photo.

1.  Albania    back
2.  Austria    front, back
3.  Belgium    front, back
4.  Belgium   -  Gratis, No barcode, Yellow spine   back
5.  Brazil   front, back
6.  France    back
7.  France   -   Free version, Yellow spine, Red, White and Blue cover   front
8.  Bosnia-Herzegovina    back
8.  Croatia
8.  Macedonia
8.  Serbia
8.  Slovenia
9.  Bosnia-Herzegovina    -   Free of Charge, No barcode, Yellow spine    back
9.  Croatia
9.  Macedonia
9.  Serbia
9.  Slovenia
10.  Germany    back
11.  Germany  -  Gratis, No barcode    back
12.  Germany  -  Hardcover    back
13.  Hungary   front (partial)
14.  Romania    back
15.  Russia    front
16.  Russia    Yellow spine    front
17.  Spain  -  No barcode    back
18.  Switzerland  -  Hardcover    front, back
19.  Switzerland  -  Softcover    front, back
20.  Switzerland   -  Gratis, No barcode, Yellow spine   front, back
21.  United Kingdom    back
21.  Republic of Ireland    back
22.  United Kingdom  -  Free, No barcode, Without Yellow spine    back
22.  Republic of Ireland  -  Free, No barcode, Without Yellow spine    back
23.  Bulgaria  -  Gratis, No barcode, Yellow spine   back
24.  Colombia   back
25.  Colombia  -  Obsequio, No barcode, Yellow spine   back
26.  France, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Lebanon, China, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand   back
27.  Mexico  -  Hardcover   back
28.  Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mauritius, Morocco, Netherlands, South Africa, Tunisia, Slovakia   back
29.  Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mauritius, Morocco, Netherlands, South Africa, Tunisia, Slovakia  -  Free of charge   back
30.  Poland   front
31.  Italy   front
32.  Italy  -  Oamaggio, Yellow spine   back
33.  Italy  - Hardcover   front, back
34.  Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama)   back
35.  Chile    back
36.  Chile  -  Obsequio    back


  1. Mark van 't Hooft17 July 2016 at 04:19

    Hi, there is also a Chilean version...

    1. Thanks Mark,

      Two Chilean versions added.



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