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Bucktrout & Co. - (B150-4-1) Guernsey Footballers (65mm x 37mm)

(B150-4-1) Guernsey Footballers (65mm x 37mm)
Bucktrout & Co.
77 cards known

I have been sent a huge amount of information and scans of Bucktrout's Guernsey Footballers. There are a few images missing, which means that the gentleman who has provided all these scans is missing those particular cards from his collection. If anyone has any of these cards please get in touch and I'll pass your details on to the person concerned. The Guernsey Footballers originally listed a while ago actually consists of two different sets, even though the cards look similar. I was unaware of this fact so this first list covers the cards that measure 65mm x 37mm, the other cards are 3mm longer. The cards are vari-backed with four different designs, though each card only has the one design, as indicated below.

The cards are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only.
UPDATE (01-03-2018 13:17):  Seven cards added to the illustrated checklist - Bisson, Ellis, Ingrouille, Mace, H. de la Mare, J. de la Mare and Zabiela.

A.  African Mixture

B.  Barnsley Mixture
C.  Bucktrout's Navy Cut
D.  Cigarette's Worth Knowing

  1. F. Alwen (St. Martins F.C.)    D
  2. H. Ash (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    C
  3. V. Barbe (St. Martins F.C.)    D
  4. A. Barnicoat (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    A
  5. J. Bewey (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    A
  6. C.J. Bisson (Athletics F.C.)    D
  7. H. Bisson (Northerners F.C.)    B
  8. F. Blaize (St. Martins F.C.)    D
  9. C. Bostrom (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    A
  10. T. Brehaut (Northerners F.C.)    B
  11. W.G. Brouard (St. Martins F.C.)    C
  12. M. Bruce (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    C
  13. T. Buckley (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    C
  14. R.J. Bynam (Rangers F.C.)    B
  15. H. Cann (Northerners F.C.)    D
  16. A.E. Chick (West Rovers F.C.)    C
  17. W. Chick (West Rovers F.C.)    B
  18. R.E. Chilcott (Athletics F.C.)    D
  19. G. Cluett (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    C
  20. J.M. Cohu (Athletics F.C.)    D
  21. P. Collins (Athletics F.C.)    D
  22. H. Cumber (Northerners F.C.)    D
  23. P. Cumber (Northerners F.C.)    D
  24. R. Curr (West Rovers F.C.)    B
  25. S. Davidson (Northerners F.C.)    B
  26. H. Deveau (Rangers F.C.)    A
  27. W. Downs (Rangers F.C.)    A
  28. D. Duquemin (West Rovers F.C.)    B
  29. F. Duquemin (Northerners F.C.)    B
  30. W. Ellis (Rangers F.C.)    A
  31. F. Falla (Northerners F.C.)    D
  32. D.J. Falla (St. Martins F.C.)    B
  33. A. Fallaize (Progressives F.C.)    A
  34. P. Guilmoto (St. Martins F.C.)    B
  35. E.G. Hamon (Athletics F.C.)    D
  36. E.G. Harradine (Athletics F.C.)    D
  37. A, Heaume (Progressives F.C.)    A
  38. A. Higgins (Progressives F.C.)    C
  39. F.L. Howitt (Athletics F.C.)    D
  40. H. Ingrouille (Progressives F.C.)    B
  41. F.W. Jackson (Athletics F.C.)    D
  42. D. Jehan (St. Martins F.C.)    D
  43. W. Keyho (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    C
  44. B.G. Langlois (West Rovers F.C.)    B
  45. W. McLernon (Athletics F.C.)    D
  46. W.G. Mace (Athletics F.C.)    D
  47. T. Mahy (Progressives F.C.)    A
  48. H. de la Mare (St. Martins F.C.)    D
  49. J. de la Mare (West Rovers F.C.)    C
  50. W. de la Mare (West Rovers F.C.)    A
  51. A. Marriette (Rangers F.C.)    A
  52. W.K. Mauger (Northerners F.C.)    D
  53. F.W. May (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    C
  54. G. O'Tolle (Northerners F.C.)    D
  55. C.R. Le Page (St. Martins F.C.)    C
  56. H. Partridge (West Rovers F.C.)    B
  57. J. Perrodou (West Rovers F.C.)    B
  58. E.R. Priaulx (Athletics F.C.)    B
  59. W. Priaulx (Progressives F.C.)    A
  60. H.W. Prins (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    C
  61. S. Rich (Rangers F.C.)    A
  62. H.C. Rihoy (Progressives F.C.)    C
  63. T. Robilliard (St. Martins F.C.)    D
  64. J.W. Robin (Rangers F.C.)    B
  65. J. Rolland (Progressives F.C.)    A
  66. H. Smith (Rangers F.C.)    A
  67. G.W. Stone (Athletics F.C.)    D
  68. A. Taylor (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    C
  69. W.G. Taylor (Belgrave Wanderers F.C.)    C
  70. D. Le Tissier (West Rovers F.C.)    C
  71. E. Le Tocq (West Rovers F.C.)    B
  72. E. Torode (West Rovers F.C.)    C
  73. P. Tostevin (Northerners F.C.)    D
  74. P. Tostevin (West Rovers F.C.)    C
  75. W.N. Tostevin (Progressives F.C.)    A
  76. S.B. Young (Athletics F.C.)    D
  77. A.E. Zabiela (Rangers F.C.)    A

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