Monday, 30 November 2015

Barratt & Co. - (BAR-265 / BAR-33-A) Famous Footballers (1935-36) - Black

(BAR-265 / BAR-33-A) Famous Footballers - Black
Barratt & Co.
100 cards

Cards can be found trimmed and untrimmed. They are unnumbered and are listed in alphabetical order by surname.

G. Adkins

R. Allen
W. Alsford
G. Alsop
A. Anderson
D. Astley
J. Ball
J. Barker
C. Bastin
A. Beasley
J. Best (All Blacks)
J. Best (Darlington)
J. Bestall
H. Betmead
E. Bowden
J. Bray
C. Britton
E. Brook
J. Caughey
J. Connor
W. Cook
T. Cooper
W. Copping
S. Cowen
S. Crooks
J. Dawson
W.R. Dean
E. Dodds
P. Doherty
E. Drake
H. Duggan
D. Duncan
J. Dunn
W. Evans
R. Fulton
H. Gallacher
A. Geldard
G. Gilbert
E. Glover
L. Goulden
J. Griffiths
T. Griffiths
R. Gurney
W. Hadley
W. Hall
H. Hammond
E. Hapgood
G. Hart
A.C. Herd
H. Hibbs
I. Hopkins
J. Hore
J. Hughes
J. Hulme
J. Jackson
A. James
W. John
D. Jones
A, Lambourn
S. Lawrence
D. McCulloch
W. McGonagle
R. McKenzie
A. Mackie
W. McMillen
R. McPhail
G. Maddison
A. Mahoney
G. Male
J. Manchester
A. Massie
S. Matthews
T. Mills
J. Milsom
N. Mitchell
J. Morton
J. Murphy
E. O'Callaghan
C. Oliver
J. Page
C. Pepper
C. Phillips
T. Reid
D. Richards
E. Rimmer
A. Robinson
W. Roughton
E. Sagar
E. Scott
J. Simpson
J. Smith (Glasgow)
R. Spence
G. Stevenson
F. Tilson
E. Tindill
A. Turner
V. Watson
R. Westwood
R. Williams

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