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Wayfarer Raincoats (Wayfarer Tailored Clothes) - (WAY-040-4) Football - Incidents in Play

(WAY-040-4) Football - Incidents in Play
Wayfarer Raincoats (Wayfarer Tailored Clothes)
29 known

Roger Pashby has just added two of these photos to his website - Huddersfield Town Cards & Stickers - and wondered if I had any information on this collection. They are large photographs measuring 210mm x 158mm and similar to press photos. Each usually has a label attached to the back describing the photo shown on the front, though sometimes the label is missing. There are 27 listed here, they are not numbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only. Considered to be issued by Ernest Smith and also D. Detheridge, Birmingham; though collectors always refer to them as Wayfarer Raincoats. The photos cover a range of subjects but I am only listing the known football photos. The photos shown above appear at 13, 19 and 28 in the list.
UPDATE (28-11-2015):  29th card added. See the comment below.
  1. Arsenal v Leeds United (Twomey saving from Bastin)
  2. F.A. Cup Final, Preston North End v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Tom Smith Preston captain, returns home with the Cup under police escort.
  3. Jack Barker (Derby County)
  4. J. Bestall (Grimsby Town)
  5. Bolton Wanderers defeat Portsmouth 2-0
  6. Pearson (West Bromwich Albion) and McCullouch (Brentford)
  7. Calvert (Leicester City) and Bastin (Arsenal)
  8. Cleared! Riley (Liverpool), Mills (Chelsea)
  9. Derby County's All-Star Forward Line - Crooks, Astley, McCulloch, Dix and Duncan
  10. Bradshaw (Bury) saving v Fulham
  11. A Goal - Savage (Leeds United), Argue (Chelsea)
  12. Chelsea v Leicester City - George Mills scores past Jim McLaren of Leicester 
  13. Bryn Jones in Action. The Arsenal's new player (left) in trial match at Highbury. 13th August, 1938.
  14. Leeds United v Chelsea
  15. Arsenal v Chelsea - Gordon Bremner scores for Arsenal.
  16. Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur
  17. A Penalty Saved – Leicester City v Arsenal
  18. Sandford (West Bromwich Albion) leading out team
  19. Arsenal v Preston North End, played on 22 October, 1938. Holdcroft (Preston) saves from Drury (Arsenal).
  20. Sheffield United v Fulham - Sheffield United goalkeeper Jack Smith saves from Fulham's Johnny Arnold
  21. West Bromwich Albion
  22. Tottenham Hotspur - Training at White Hart Lane.
  23. F.A. Cup Semi-Final Sunderland v Huddersfield Town (at Blackburn Rovers' Ewood Park) - The two captains shake hands, with the referee watching.
  24. Charlton Atheltic v Derby County; Charlton goalkeeper Sam Bartram clears from Dai Astley of Derby.
  25. Arsenal v Liverpool - Ted Drake of Arsenal challenges with Liverpool's Jim Harley.
  26. 5 players challenge for the ball - Sunderland or Sheffield United
  27. Bob John and Cliff Bastin training (Arsenal)
  28. Everton v Tottenham Hotspur
  29. Brentford v Huddersfield Town   -   thanks to Roger Pashby and Paul Briers (see comment below)


  1. Hi Alan

    Surely it's now 29 known? As Roger picked up the Brentford v Huddersfield Town picture recently.

    Brentford v Huddersfield Town - I'm pretty sure it's the FA Cup 3rd Round match on 16th January 1937 at Griffin Park. We played Huddersfield at GP early in the season - for all seasons prior to WW2 - and that pitch doesn't look like an early season pitch! I'm also going for McKenzie (Left) and James (right) as the Brentford players.

    all the best


    1. Thanks Paul,

      Not on top of my game at the moment.




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