Tuesday 24 November 2015

Topps - UEFA Champions League Match Attax 2015/16 (24) - Error card ~ 486

UEFA Champions League Match Attax 2015/16
564 cards + 24 LEs

Wila75 has sent a photo of an error card, Man of the Match card no. 486. The correct spelling of his surname can be found on the base card.

UPDATE (25-11-2015):  Mark Troke has provided an image of the Polish version which carries the same error.
UPDATE (27-11-2015):  Wila75 has sent in an image of the card in the online album that proves that Topps are aware of the mistake, making it possible that a corrected card will be issued.

Man of the Match

486.  Brecht Dejaeghere (KAA Gent)   -   incorrect spelling
486.  Brecht Dejaegere (KAA Gent)   -   correct (does it exist ????)

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