Thursday, 26 November 2015

Reunion Zigarettenfabrik - (21818-02/R26) Sportbilder, Fussball und andere Sportarten


(21818-02/R26) Sportbilder, Fussball und andere Sportarten
Reunion Zigarettenfabrik, Obercunnersdorf
512 cards ?

I've been sent some scans of cards by Ian Sammel, the first I've ever seen from this collection. Another large German set made up of at least 512 cards. Where known cards are listed with card numbers and English translations have been provided. Cards vary in sizes between 40/55mm and 60/71mm. 

204.  [Ballspielvereinigung] Sportlust 1919 Neugersdorf mit [dem] Polizeisportverein Prag. [am 21.5.1927.]
218.  Ein Teil der Jugendabteilung des Sportvereins 1911 Löbau i. Sa. (Some of the youth department of the sports club in 1911 Löbau i. Sa.)
508.  Ausritt in die Tabak-Plantagen (Horse riding in the tobacco plantations)

???.  Zittauer Ballspiel-Club

???.  Fubballklub 02 Zwickau-Schedewitz
???.  Sportfreunde 1920 Pulsnitz
???.  Kratochvil, VfB Kamenz

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