Monday 7 February 2022

Crescent Confectionery (1926) - Footballers - 8th Series of 10 (3)

Footballers - 8th Series of 10
Crescent Confectionery
10x10 cards (10 football)

No footballers this time, but sometimes my research takes me beyond just football cards. The 10 football cards in this collection make up just one section of a complete set of 100 cards. As well as trying to complete the list of football cards I am also trying to find out what subjects were covered with the other eight sections. Two cards appeared recently which help with this endeavour.
UPDATE (22-06-2019 08:46):  A card from Series 5 added.
UPDATE (07-02-2022 09:02):  Jacob Bielski has provided some illustrations that I have been able to add in an effort to show examples from each of the ten series. Strangely enough he found these cards in New Zealand / Aotearoa. I must have at least one image of a card from the cricket series, I'll keep searching...
UPDATE (07-02-2022 11:50):  Found one of the cricket cards and I've also added scans of a packet. I'd still love to know what is featured in the 1st and 10th series - animals, politicians, royalty?
UPDATE (09-10-2023 17:03):  Date amended to 1927-28. Read Carl Wilkes' amazing biography of this company here - The Crescent Confectionery Co. Ltd.

1.  W.H. Walker (Aston Villa F.C.)
2.  A. Baker (The Arsenal F.C.)
3.  Jack Carr (Blackpool F.C.)
4.  G. Camsell (Middlesbrough) ???
5.  R. Cringan (Birmingham F.C.)
6.  J. Brain (The Arsenal F.C.)
7.  S. Wadsworth (Huddersfield Town
8.  J. McMullan (Manchester City F.C.)
9.  W. Gillespie (Sheffield United F.C.)
10.  J. Priestley (Grimsby Town F.C.)

1st series of 10.
2nd series of 10.  Locomotives  (8.  The Rocket)
3rd series of 10.  Navy  (4.  Seaplane Carrier)
4th series of 10.  Army  (2.  Howitzer; 3.  Old Time Cannon)
5th series of 10.  Navy  (3.  Training Ship Boy; 8. Commodore)
6th series of 10.  Army  (4.  Sergeant Major; 5. Major)
7th series of 10.  Royal Air Force  (4.  Captain, RAF; 6. Squadron Leader, RAF)
8th series of 10.  Football  (see above)
9th series of 10.  Cricket  (?.  J.C. White (Somerset CC); 2.  F. Root (Worcestershire CC); 3.  F. Woolley (Kent CC); 4.  ???; 5.  Jack Hobbs (Surrey CC); 6.  E. Tyldesley (Lancashire CC); 7.  ???; 8.  H. Sutcliffe (Yorkshire CC); 9.  J. Hearne (Middlesex CC); 10.  ???)
10th series of 10.


  1. Hi, I have these. Series 2 is tech or something. I have a series 2 no. 8 and jrs called rocket. Email me at for a pic


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