Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Nelson Lee Library - NEL-030 / NEL-2 Footballers (Pairs) (2)

NEL-030 / NEL-2 Footballers (Pairs)
Nelson Lee Library
15 pairs

When collecting football cards it's sometimes possible to add the actual magazines that the cards were given away with and can add an extra dimension to a collection, especially when the cards are illustrated on the cover. Each magazine also includes a write-up on that weeks footballers. Here are the covers of three copies of The Nelson Lee Library that gave away pairs of small football cards. Here's a link to the checklist:

11.  Marriott (Notts County) 

& 12.  Bowie (Rangers)  -  issue no. 366, dated 10 June, 1922
13.  Smith (Huddersfield Town) 
& 14.  Seed (Spurs)  -  issue no. 367, dated 17 June, 1922
19.  McInally (Celtic) 
& 20.  Torrance (Fulham)  -  issue no. 370, dated 8 July, 1922

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