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Vanderhout International (Belgium) / Vanderhout International (Netherlands) - Voetbalsterren Vedettes du Footbal ~ Premiere Division/Eerste Divisie '72/'73 / Voetbalsterren 1972-73

Voetbalsterren Vedettes du Footbal ~ Premiere Division/Eerste Divisie '72/'73 / Voetbalsterren 1972-73
Vanderhout International
Belgium, Netherlands
32 stickers

I have been asked for information about these stickers on more than one occasion. I've always put off publishing a list because I still have so many unanswered questions about them. Wila75 has contacted me about them and I've decided to publish what I know, or think I know and see if anyone can provide additional information.
My Belgian album does not have any of these stickers included, as shown above. Next to the space allocated for autographs it does have biographies of 8 players in French and Dutch - Gerd Muller, Gunter Netzer, Karl Odermatt, Pele, Francesco Pirri, Gianni Rivera, Albert Shesternev and Berti Vogts. The smaller picture below shows 8 stickers placed in this space, though some are unrelated to the printed biographies. Here are some bullet points:
  • 32 different players issued.
  • Issued in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Only 24 stickers were issued in the Netherlands (marked ***)
  • Belgian stickers have the players country listed twice - French and Dutch
  • Netherlands stickers have the players country listed just once.
  • Belgian stickers only have the players name on the back.
  • Netherlands stickers have a biography on the back
Carlos Alberto (Bresil / Brazilie)  ***
Amaro Amancio (Espagne / Spanje)
Gordon Banks (Angleterre / Engeland)  ***
Franz Beckenbauer (Allemagne / W. Duitsland)  ***
Billy Bremmer (Ecosse / Schotland)  ***
Terry Cooper (Angleterre / Engeland)  ***
Johan Cruyff (Pays Bas / Nederland)  ***
Dragan Dzajic (Yougoslavie / Joegoslavie)  ***
Eusebio (Portugal / Portugal)  ***
Giacinto Facchetti (Italie / Italie)  ***
Gerson (Bresil / Brazilie)  ***
Gilbert Gress (France / Frankrijk)
Jairzinho (Bresil / Brazilie)  ***
Salip Keita (France / Frankrijk)
Piet Keizer (Pays Bas / Nederland)  ***
Ove Kindvall (Suede / Zweden)
Fritz Kunzli (Suisse / Zwitserland)
Vladimir Lubanski (Pologne / Polen)
Ladislao Mazurkiewicz (Uruguay)  ***
Sandro Mazzola (Italie / Italie)  ***
Mats Magnusson (Suede / Zweden)
Bobby Moore (Angleterre / Engeland)  ***
Gerd Muller (Allemagne / W. Duitsland)  ***
Gunther Netzer (Allemagne / W. Duitsland)  ***
Karl Odermatt (Suisse / Zwitserland)
Pele (Bresil / Brazilie)  ***
Francesco Pirri (Espagne / Spanje)  ***
Gianni Rivera (Italie / Italie)  ***
Albert Shesternev (Rusland)  ***
Paul Van Himst (Belgique / Belgie)  ***
Wilfried Van Moer (Belgique / Belgie)  ***
Berti Vogts (Allemagne / W. Duitsland)  ***

E. & O.E.

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