Tuesday 12 May 2015

Panini - Adrenalyn XL Road to UEFA Euro 2016 (08) - Danmark

Adrenalyn XL Road to UEFA Euro 2016
13 cards

The Danmark cards replace Česká Republika mainly, though there isn't a Česká Republika player in the Defensive Rock subset. So Daniel Agger replaces the Bosna i Herzegovina player in this section.
Thanks to Pawel Malarczyk for reminding me about these cards.
As these cards duplicate numbers previously used I intend to display ALL the Danmark cards, though I only have two to show you at the moment. As cards are added a notice will appear in the "Earlier Posts... Updated..." section to the right. I would be pleased to here from anyone who can supply scans of the other cards.
UPDATE (13-05-2015):  I know it's stupid of my to presume, but as the Danish cards are the same numbers as the Czech Republic cards I thought they were a straight swap. According to oneofthebest on the Football Card Forum, the Danish cards replace the Bosnia & Herzegovina cards. That must mean that the Czech Republic cards have been renumbered to the Bosnia & Herzegovina numbers???? Watch this space....
UPDATE (13-05-2015 16:29):  oneofthebest has just confirmed the numbering sequence for the Czech Republic cards.

5.  Logo (Česká Republika)

6.  Logo (Danmark)

37.  Petr Čech (Česká Republika)
38.  Tomáš Sivok (Česká Republika)
39.  Pavel Kadeřábek (Česká Republika)
40.  Vladimír Darida (Česká Republika)
41.  Václav Pilař (Česká Republika)
42.  David Lafata (Česká Republika)
43.  Line-Up 1 (Česká Republika)
44.  Line-Up 2 (Česká Republika)
45.  Line-Up 3 (Česká Republika)

46.  Kasper Schmeichel (Danmark)
47.  Andreas Bjelland (Danmark)
48.  Simon Kjær (Danmark)
49.  Christian Eriksen (Danmark)
50.  William Kvist (Danmark)
51.  Niclkas Bendtner (Danmark)
52.  Line-Up 1 (Danmark)
53.  Line-Up 2 (Danmark)
54.  Line-Up 3 (Danmark)

One to Watch

245.  Bořek Dočkal (Česká Republika)

246.  Lasse Schöne (Danmark)

Rising Star

263.  Pierre Højbjerg (Danmark)

Defensive Rock

317.  Daniel Agger (Danmark)


  1. Agger replaces Emir Spahić of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Defensive Rock card.

    1. Thanks Pawel,

      I slipped up there, thanks for correcting me.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for stealing the photo of Daniel Agger and the photo of Lasse Schöne from my webpage. Please remove the pictures immediately!! (you can see the watermark "collectit.nu" on the pictures).
    If you would like to use my photos in future posts - please make sure to ASK FOR PERMISSION first!!!
    Kind Regards,
    Amanda (collectit.nu)

    1. My apologies. I used them without knowing where they came from. My website is just for information. Your images have been removed and have been replaced with other pictures of the same cards.


    2. Big hello because sb used photos of players from sb's web site. Would understand private photos but cards. Thats pathetic.


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