Saturday, 2 May 2015

Maynards Confectionery - MAY-030/MCR-2 Football Club Colours (2)

MAY-030/MCR-2 Football Club Colours
Maynards Ltd (Confectionery) 

17 cards

As the complete list of cards for this set is still unknown, I thought I'd include all the images I've got in the hope of being able to complete an illustrated checklist of these cards. Considering this set was issued in the 1930's, it's surprising how rare the cards are, with 17 cards listed here, there are possibly still 3 to find. I'd also like to find scans of the Arsenal (I've only got a very poor example so far), Blackburn Rovers, Celtic and West Bromwich Albion cards.
UPDATE (08-06-2015):  Ed Emptage has very kindy supplied scans of the front and back of the Portsmouth card.
It has been suggested that this is a set of 17 cards, which is possible, but that seems such a strange number. Why stop at 17, there were 22 teams in the First Division at the time. I wonder if Maynards ever advertized this collection in contemporary comics, magazines or newspapers?
UPDATE (22-10-2015):  Celtic (Glasgow) added. That leaves just two cards - Blackburn Rovers and West Bromwich Albion.
UPDATE (22-10-2015 13:09):  Front and backs of both Blackburn Rovers and West Bromwich Albion added.  Thanks to Mark Hughesdon. Only the backs of the Celtic and Everton cards are now missing.
UPDATE (11-10-2020 14:23):  The back of a Celtic card was added recently and now I have been able to add a scan of the back of an Everton card, so this illustrated checklist is now complete!


Aston Villa
Blackburn Rovers
Bolton Wanderers
Celtic (Glasgow)
Huddersfield Town
Newcastle United
Rangers (Glasgow)
Sheffield Wednesday
Tottenham Hotspur
W. Bromwich Albion
West Ham

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  1. Very Interesting. I want Tottenham to make 17. Never seen any other clubs.8


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