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Consolidated Cigarette Co. / Paxi Cigarettes - N352 Fine Colored Relief Cards

N352 Fine Colored Relief Cards
Consolidated Cigarette Co. / Paxi Cigarettes
100 cards (1 known Football)

The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain held it's annual convention in Worcester this past weekend. I had promised myself the new reference book that was published recently. C19th U.S.A. Tobacco Issues Index & Handbook (Cartophilic Reference Book No. 151) has been compiled by Martin Murray. I didn't expect to come across anything relating to my own collecting sphere, but I do find the subject fascinating.
After going through the book thoroughly over the last few days I did find one football item that I had never come across before.
The cards are printed with almost nothing on the front other than a decorative border and the backs printed in blue giving details of the company, the brand and the subject matter of the cards. The cards measure 2" x 3¼". The cigarette company seems to have acquired sheets of Raphael Tuck illustrations - what are known as 'scraps' - cut the individual characters from the sheets and pasted them onto the front of the cards.
Also shown are a couple of the baseball cards, along with an uncut sheet of the baseball players as printed by Raphael Tuck & Sons (illustration 08), along with all 10 baseball players arranged in alphabetical order, as listed below (illustration 09). The baseball cards have an estimated value of $750 each.
One of the cards discovered is of a cricketer, the subject matter is not mentioned on the back of the cards, so there may be more of them too.
I have previously shown a complete sheet of 8 footballers issued by Raphael Tuck & Sons and I've included that also (illustration 07). The original article can be found here - Raphael Tuck & Sons - Die-Cut Scraps ~ Footballers/Cricketers - Giant Relief No. 204/203. The two cricketers shown here are not front the same sheet as the ones shown in this link.
I haven't been able to find any other Raphael Tuck sheets relating to the various subject in this collection.

Base Ball

Baltimore   -   not seen
Boston   -    illustration 01, 02
Brooklyn   -   not seen
Chicago   -   not seen
Detroit   -   not seen
Indianapolis   -   not seen
New York   -   not seen
Philadelphia   -   not seen
Pittsburgh   -    illustration 03, 04
St. Louis   -   not seen

Soldiers of England

Lawn Tennis

No caption (Female tennis player in long blue skirt)
Stopping Balls (Man in blue striped blazer with a white flag in his right hand)   -    illustration 06


One... Race (Runner in blue shorts)

Foot Ball

Don't swallow it old man! (Football)   -   not seen
Are you ready? (Football)   -   not seen
A Full Stop (Football - Player chesting ball)
Ready for anything (Football)   -   not seen
The Captain (Rugby)   -   not seen
A Drop (Rugby)   -   not seen
Going for a try (Rugby)
Lifting a Goal (Rugby)   -   not seen

Ballet Girls


Always (Jockey holding saddle)


Cricket (not listed on the back of the cards)

Caption not known (Cricketer with ball in his right hand, facing front)   -    illustration 05

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