Thursday, 1 January 2015

F.K.S. - FAA-36-1 World Cup Special 1982 (2)


FAA-36-1  World Cup Special 1982
288+19 stickers

I've had an e-mail from Athletic Club Bilbao collector David Asima. He sent scans of two pages from this album, which helps me to add numbers and full names to the Peruvian and Polish players.
David is also looking to complete this album and the pages show which two stickers he needs to finish it off. If anyone can help provide stickers 138 and 237 please let me know and I'll put David in touch with you.

133.  Ray Clemence (England)
134.  Phil Thompson (England)
135.  Ray Wilkins (England)
136.  Dave Watson (England)
137.  Kevin Keegan (England)
138.  Steve Coppell (England)
139.  David Johnston (England)
140.  Trevor Brooking (England)
141.  Tony Woodcock (England)
142.  Viv Anderson (England)
143.  Mick Mills (England)
144.  Peter Barnes (England)

229.  Juan Munante (Peru)
230.  Juan Oblitas (Peru)
231.  Toribio Diaz (Peru)
232.  Hector Chumpitaz (Peru)
233.  Teofilo Cubillas (Peru)
234.  Hugo Sotil (Peru)

235.  Andrzej Szarmach (Poland)
236.  Adam Nawalka (Poland)
237.  Jan Tomaszewski (Poland)
238.  Henryk Kasperczak (Poland)
239.  Bohdan Mazstaler (Poland)
240.  Wladyslaw Zmuda (Poland)

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