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News Chronicle and Dispatch - NEW-310-1 / NFK-4-01 Pocket Portraits (Footballers) (2) Liverpool A.F.C.

NEW-310-1 / NFK-4-01 Pocket Portraits (Footballers) ~ Liverpool A.F.C.
News Chronicle and Dispatch
805 cards (at least)

A few days ago James Cotton contacted me to let me know that he had acquired two cards that have remained unrecorded for almost 60 years. There are three different versions of the Everton cards and it's always been a bit of a conundrum as to why no Liverpool cards were issued. James has now sent scans of the two cards and they are the first ones featuring Liverpool players that to my knowledge, to the generally accepted knowledge, have ever come to light. If there are two there must be more. The paper issued 11-15 cards in most of the team sets. Another strange thing with this large collection is that it doesn't feature any of the London clubs. It is presumed that the News Chronicle was more of a regional newspaper, but they had a presence in London, with offices at Bouverie Street, just off Fleet Street. Does anyone know why London clubs were ignored? Birmingham City, West Bromwich Albion and Wolves are included, but Aston Villa are not. No Bristol clubs. Huddersfield Town and Bradford, but not Leeds United? Strange.

Liverpool A.F.C. - Back with 2 stars

Kenneth Rudham
Roy Saunders

Here's a list of the known sub-sets, follow this link to see the complete checklists.

NEW-310-1 / NFK-4-01 Accrington Stanley F.C. - dated 12th November
NEW-310-2 / NFK-4-02 Aldershot F.C. - dated 25th February
NEW-310-3 / NFK-4-03 Barrow F.C. - dated 19th November
NEW-310-4a / NFK-4-04A Birmingham City F.C. - 1st Series - dated 18th February
NEW-310-4b / NFK-4-04B Birmingham City F.C. - 2nd Series - dated 25th April (FA Cup Final)
NEW-310-5a / NFK-4-05A Blackburn Rovers F.C. - 1st Series - Back "For the most informed reports…."
NEW-310-5b / NFK-4-05B Blackburn Rovers F.C. - 2nd Series - Back "Talking of Football…."
NEW-310-6 / NFK-4-06 Bolton Wanderers F.C. - dated 29th October
NEW-310-7a / NFK-4-07A Bradford City F.C. - 1st Series - Back with 2 stars
NEW-310-7b / NFK-4-07B Bradford City F.C. - 2nd Series - Back with no stars
NEW-310-8 / NFK-4-08 Bradford Park Avenue F.C. - undated
NEW-310-9 / NFK-4-09 Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. - dated 3rd December
NEW-310-10a / NFK-4-10A Burnley F.C. - 1st Series - dated 3rd December
NEW-310-10b / NFK-4-10B Burnley F.C. - 2nd Series - undated
NEW-310-11 / NFK-4-11 Bury F.C. - undated
NEW-310-12 / NFK-4-12 Cardiff City F.C. - dated 15th October
NEW-310-13 / NFK-4-13 Chesterfield F.C. - undated
NEW-310-14 / NFK-4-14 Colchester United F.C. - dated 11th February
NEW-310-15 / NFK-4-15 Coventry City F.C. - dated 26th November
NEW-310-16 / NFK-4-16 Derby County F.C. - dated 4th February
NEW-310-17 / NFK-4-17 Dundee F.C. - undated
NEW-310-18a / NFK-4-18A Everton F.C. - 1st Series - back "For the most informed…" - no stars at bottom
NEW-310-18b / NFK-4-18B Everton F.C. - 2nd Series - back "For the most informed…" - 2 stars at bottom
NEW-310-18c / NFK-4-18C Everton F.C. - 3rd Series - back "Talking of Football…"
NEW-310-19 / NFK-4-19 Exeter City F.C. - dated 21st January
NEW-310-20 / NFK-4-20 Grimsby Town F.C. - dated 1st October
NEW-310-21 / NFK-4-21 Hearts of Midlothian F.C. - undated
NEW-310-22 / NFK-4-22 Hibernian F.C. - dated 4th February
NEW-310-23 / NFK-4-23 Huddersfield Town F.C. - dated 26th November
NEW-310-24 / NFK-4-24 Leicester City F.C. - dated 29th October
NEW-310-25 / NFK-4-25 Lincoln City F.C. - dated 17 September
NEW-310-26 / NFK-4-26 Luton Town F.C. - dated 22nd October
NEW-310-27 / NFK-4-27 Manchester City F.C. - undated
NEW-310-28 / NFK-4-28 Manchester United F.C. - undated
NEW-310-28a / NFK-4-28 Manchester United F.C. - Dominion Oil back
NEW-310-29 / NFK-4-29 Newcastle United F.C. - undated
NEW-310-30 / NFK-4-30 Northampton Town F.C. - dated 8th October
NEW-310-31 / NFK-4-31 Norwich City F.C. - dated 12th November
NEW-310-32 / NFK-4-33 Notts County F.C. - dated 12th October
NEW-310-33 / NFK-4-32 Nottingham Forest F.C. - dated 1st October
NEW-310-34 / NFK-4-34 Oldham Athletic F.C. - undated
NEW-310-35 / NFK-4-35 Peterborough United F.C. - dated 19th November
NEW-310-36 / NFK-4-36 Plymouth Argyle F.C. - dated 17th December
NEW-310-37a / NFK-4-37A Port Vale F.C. - 1st Series - dated 22nd October
NEW-310-37b / NFK-4-37B Port Vale F.C. - 2nd Series - undated
NEW-310-38 / NFK-4-38 Portsmouth F.C. - dated 15th October
NEW-310-39a / NFK-4-39A Preston North End F.C. - 1st Series - "For the most informed reports…"
NEW-310-39b / NFK-4-39B Preston North End F.C. - 2nd Series - "Talking of football…"
NEW-310-40 / NFK-4-40 Reading F.C. - dated 14th January
NEW-310-41 / NFK-4-41 Rochdale F.C. - undated
NEW-310-42 / NFK-4-42 Rotherham United F.C. - dated 5th November
NEW-310-43 / NFK-4-43 Sheffield United F.C. - dated 8th October
NEW-310-44 / NFK-4-44 Sheffield Wednesday F.C. - dated 15th October
NEW-310-45 / NFK-4-45 Southampton F.C. - dated 5th November
NEW-310-46 / NFK-4-46 Southend United F.C. - dated 28th January
NEW-310-47 / NFK-4-47 Stockport County F.C. - undated
NEW-310-48 / NFK-4-48 Stoke City F.C. - undated
NEW-310-49 / NFK-4-49 Sunderland F.C. - undated
NEW-310-50 / NFK-4-50 Swansea Town F.C. - dated 1st October
NEW-310-51 / NFK-4-51 Swindon Town F.C. - dated 31st December
NEW-310-52 / NFK-4-52 Torquay United F.C. - dated 7th January
NEW-310-53 / NFK-4-53 West Bromwich Albion F.C. - dated 18th February
NEW-310-54 / NFK-4-54 Weymouth Town F.C. - dated 10th October
NEW-310-55 / NFK-4-55 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. - dated 24th September
NEW-310-56a / NFK-4-56A Workington Town F.C. - undated - "Workington Town FC"
NEW-310-56b / NFK-4-56B Workington Town F.C. - undated - "Workington AFC"
NEW-310-57 / NFK-4-57 York City F.C. - undated

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