Wednesday, 29 October 2014

W.D. & H.O. Wills - British Sporting Personalities (2)


British Sporting Personalities
W.D. & H.O. Wills
48 (6 footballers)

As with anumber of cigrette card sets, it's possible to find what seem to be printers proof's of this set, printed on paper witha plain back.

1.  A.G.K. Brown (Athletics)

2.  J.E. Lovelock (Athletics)
3.  H.H. Whitlock (Athletics)
4.  Len Harvey (Boxing)
5.  Benny Lynch (Boxing)
6.  J. Walsh (Boxing)
7.  G.O. Allen (Cricket)
8.  W.R. Hammond (Cricket)
9.  M. Leyland (Cricket)
10.  E. Paynter (Cricket)
11.  P. Doherty (Soccer)
12.  E. Drake (Soccer)
13.  D. McCulloch (Soccer)
14.  F. Steele (Soccer)
15.  T. Walker (Soccer)
16.  A. Young (Soccer)
17.  B.C. Gadney (Rugby)
18.  Cliff Jones (Rugby)
19.  Prince Obolensky (Rugby)
20.  R.W. Shaw (Rugby)
21.  J.A. Siggins (Rugby)
22.  J.W. Brough (Rugby League)
23.  G. Nepia (Rugby League)
24.  J. Sullivan (Rugby League)
25.  Miss Pam Barton (Golf)
26.  A.H. Padgham (Golf)
27.  H. Thompson (Golf)
28.  H.H. The Aga Khan (Horse Racing)
29.  Earl of Derby (Horse Racing)
30.  Earl of Lonsdale (Horse Racing)
31.  Capt. C. Boyd-Rochfort (Horse Racing)
32.  J. Lawson (Horse Racing)
33.  Gordon Richards (Horse Racing)
34.  E. Smith (Horse Racing)
35.  H. Wragg (Horse Racing)
36.  L. Bates (Ice Hockey)
37.  Joe Beaton (Ice Hockey)
38.  H.W. Austin (Tennis)
39.  F.J. Perry (Tennis)
40.  Miss Dorothy Round (Tennis)
41.  Miss Kathleen Stammers (Tennis)
42.  F. Dixon and C.J.P. Dodson (Motor Racing)
43.  Capt G.E.T. Eyston (Motor Racing)
44.  F. Charles (Motor Racing)
45.  E. Langton (Motor Racing)
46.  Eric Phelps (Rowing)
47.  Miss Phyllis Hardning
48.  N. Wainwright (Swimming)

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