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Kenner - Fútbol Mania (Argentina)


Fútbol Mania
40/41 ?

The e-mail I received from Tim Piniak also included details of a similar collection issued in Argentina...

There is also a whole line that was licensed in Argentina called Fútbol Mania.
I have included a picture of the back of the package, as well as one of the players so you can see.  The listing on the back has been in question for some time.  There are some players not listed, and some that are listed on the wrong team if i recall correctly. I will have to dig out my figures and give you the list as i know it, but we are still not sure how many figures there are, and recently just realized that like many of the other soccer figure lines, there were a few figures issued in different poses.

Boca Juniors

Alberto Acosta (Boca Juniors)   -   listed on packaging
Blas Giunta (Boca Juniors)   -  listed on packaging  -  not issued???
Carlos Macallister (Boca Juniors)
Alejandro Mancuso (Boca Juniors)   -   listed on packaging
Béto Marcico (Boca Juniors)   -   listed on packaging
Carlos Navarro Montoya (Boca Juniors)   -   listed on packaging
Juan Simon (Boca Juniors)
Diégo Sonora (Boca Juniors)
Carlos Tapia (Boca Juniors)   -   listed on packaging

River Plate

Léonardo Ruben Astrada (River Plate)   -   listed on packaging
Fabian Basualdo (River Plate)   -   listed on packaging
Ernesto Corti (River Plate)
Ruben Da Silva (River Plate)   -   listed on packaging
Sergio Goycochea (River Plate)
Ramon Medina Bello (River Plate)   -   listed on packaging
Ariel Ortega (River Plate)   -   listed on packaging

San Lorenzo

Luis Artime (San Lorenzo)
Fabian Carrizo (San Lorenzo)   -   listed on packaging
Alberto Gorosito (San Lorenzo)   -   listed on packaging
Flavio Zandana (San Lorenzo)   -   listed on packaging


Daniel Carnero (Indépendiente)   -   listed on packaging
Nestor Craviotto (Indépendiente)   -   listed on packaging
Luis Islas (Indépendiente)   -   listed on packaging
Gustavo Lopez (Indépendiente)   -   listed on packaging
Hugo Perez (Indépendiente)   -   listed on packaging

Racing Club

Jorge Borelli (Racing Club)
Claudio Garcia (Racing Club)   -   listed on packaging
Alfredo Graciani (Racing Club)   -   listed on packaging
Claudio Lopez (Racing Club)
Carlos Roa (Racing Club)   -   listed on packaging

Vélez Sarfield

Esteban Gonzalez (Vélez Sarfield)   -   listed on packaging
Walter Pico (Vélez Sarfield)   -   listed on packaging

Newell's Olds Boys

Juan Manuel Llop (Newell's Old Boys)
Gérardo Martino (Newell's Old Boys)
Norberto Scoponi (Newell's Old Boys)

Belgrano De Cordoba

Fabian Cancelarich (Belgrano de Cordoba)
José Luis Cucciufio (Belgrano de Cordoba)
Luis Ernesto Sosa (Belgrano de Cordoba)

Rosario Central

Roberto Oscar Bonano (Rosario Central)
Omar Palma (Rosario Central)
Jose Luis Rodriguez (Rosario Central)


  1. love these figures and cards! if anyone out there has any for trade or sale, please contact me at yahoo!

  2. I want them all! Love my Argies!


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