Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Topical Times - TOP-070/TOA-2 Famous Football Teams (metal) (2)


TOP-070/TOA-2  Famous Football Teams (metal)
Topical Times
6 cards

Pamela Moore has kindly sent in scans of all six cards in this collection.

Arsenal F.C.

J. Lambert, D. Jack, W. Seddon, W. Harper, H. Roberts, T. Whittaker (Trainer), E. Hapgood, J. Hulme, J. Brain, T. Parker, R. John, A. James, C. Bastin
Celtic F.C.
C. Geaton, W. Cook, J. Thomson, W. McGonagle, J. Wilson, C. Napier, P. Scard, J. McGrory, J. McStay, R. Thomson, A. Thomson
Everton F.C.
E. Critchley, W. Cresswell, W. Coggins, C. Gee, J. Thomson, C. Britton, T. White, B. Williams, T. Johnson, J. Dunn, J. Stein, W. Dean, J. McClure
Rangers F.C.
D. Meiklejohn, J. Marshall, A. Archibald, J. Fleming, T. Hamilton, J. Buchanan, T. Craig, G. Brown, D. Gray, R. MacDonald, J. Simpson, R. McPhail, R. Hamilton, W. Nicholson, A. Morton, J. Smith, R. McGowan
Sheffield Wednesday F.C.
A. Strange, T. Leach, T. Walker, J. Brown, E. Blenkinsop, C. Wilson, A. Craig (Trainer), M. Hooper, G. Stephenson, J. Ball, H. Burgess, E. Rimmer
West Bromwich Albion F.C.
Mr. F. Evans (Secretary), W. Richardson, J. Carter, H. Pearson, H. Trentham, E. Sandford, Reed (Trainer), G. Shaw, T. Magee, W.G. Richardson, Mr. W. Bassett (Chairman), J. Edwards, S. Wood, T. Glidden

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