Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Houston Hurricanes - Houston Hurricanes (1979) - Kleins Jewelry


Houston Hurricanes
Kleins Jewelry

The cards are unnumbered. The numbers used here are the players squad numbers as they appear on the back of the card.

Team Picture Checklist

Timo Liekowski (Coach)
1.  Paul Hammond
2.  Ian Anderson
3.  Mark Stahl
5.  Nicky Megaloudis
6.  Kai Haaskivi
7.  Walter Schuberth
8.  John Stremlau
9.  Eduardo Marasco
10.  Dale Russell
11.  Juan Carlos Michia
12.  Kyle Rote, Jr.
13.  Stewart Jump
15.  Mark Lindsay
16.  Roland Sikingert
17.  Dan Geerling
18.  Howie Charbonneau
20.  Matt O'Sullivan

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